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Sheriff Orders Staff to Work From Home Due to Danger of Homeless Camps

SEATTLE, WA – This week, the staff of Sheriff Mitzi Johanknecht was ordered to work [1] from home.

The Sheriff’s office is located inside of the King County Courthouse, which is in downtown Seattle. Sheriff Johanknecht said the environment surrounding the courthouse is too dangerous for her staff to be coming in to work, so they were ordered almost exclusively to work 100% remotely.


In a memo on Monday, the Sheriff said she made the decision based on labor union concerns as well as “unsafe environment around the courthouse, administration, parking garage, and corrections facilities.”

The unsafe environment she refers to, in large part, is the homeless encampments being allowed to stay up around the courthouse despite the violence they bring with them.


Just last week, a homeless man was arrested [4] after he attempted to rape a seven-month pregnant woman in a courthouse bathroom. In that July 29 incident, 35-year-old Clint James Jory had just been released from prison six days prior after a 21-month sentence for multiple assaults against women.

He went into the courthouse, snuck in a women’s restroom, took off his clothing and waited for a victim to enter. Once the pregnant victim walked in, police say, Jory “savagely attacked” her, placing his hands over her mouth and neck and attempting to rape her. Luckily, a King County Sheriff’s Marshall walked by and heard the woman screaming for help.

Clint James Jory
Clint James Jory is arrested after attempting to rape a pregnant woman in a King County Courthouse bathroom.

It was later discovered that Jory had to enter the courthouse at the 4th Street entrance, as the main entrance on 3rd has been closed due to the dangerous proximity to the nearby encampment.

In the weeks prior to this attempted rape, a senior citizen’s dog was beaten to death, one homeless man stabbed another to death, and fights, drugs, and human feces have destroyed any semblance of quality of life that was left for the citizens of Seattle.

Fox News reported that 33 judges (who are often furthering the problem by refusing to give worthy sentences to the criminals often residing in these camps) wrote a letter to the City of Seattle, who has refused to take action in clearing the dangerous encampments. The letter urged the City to clear the sites. “Our Court has repeatedly met with park officials, city leaders and law enforcement to request urgent assistance to address these conditions,” the letter read. “Little has changed, other than conditions becoming even more dire.”

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Sheriff Johanknecht said that the members ordered to stay home are those whose jobs do not require interacting with the public. “The safety and security of our employees is my top priority,” she said. “Effectively immediately, due to the unsafe environment around the courthouse, administration, parking garage and corrections facilities, and concerns from labor unions, we are returning to 100% remote telework for professional staff members who do not routinely interact with the public.”

This piece was written by Leah Anaya on August 5, 2021. It originally appeared in ThinBlueLineTV.com [6] and is used by permission.

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