Rylee McCollum wasn’t even a year old when the 9/11 attacks happened. From the age of 4, he knew that when he grew up he wanted to be a Marine. He signed up the day he turned 18. Last April, he got married. His wife is due with their child in just two weeks.

But that child will grow up never knowing his or her father. Because last Thursday, Rylee McCollum became the latest human sacrifice on the altar of our Washington elites’ disastrous, failed war in Afghanistan.

Over a dozen fine young Americans are coming home in boxes this week after the suicide attack at the Kabul airport. Of those that we know of, eleven of them were Marines, one was an Army sergeant, and one was a Naval corpsman. Four of them were less than one year old when the 9/11 attacks happened.

We have a duty as Americans to ask: What did these brave men and women die for? And the disturbing, horrifying answer seems to be that they died for nothing. Actually, scratch that: they died for the benefit of a corrupt, broken, cowardly ruling class that sent others off to die for a mission they would never fight for themselves.

For twenty years, our leaders spent $300 million a day on the Afghan War. They built fake schools that were turned into Taliban bomb factories. They ordered our soldiers to turn a blind eye while our warlord “allies” raped young boys. They lectured Pashtun tribesmen on the importance of gender equality and postmodern art. They told the American people they were paying to build a functional Afghan army and police force, and after tens of billions of dollars spent, both of them collapsed in one week. They shipped in billions of dollars of vehicles, weapons, and supplies, then abandoned them to be captured by the Taliban.

Afghanistan is actually a worse calamity than Vietnam. America had a strategy in Vietnam. We might have actually won, and nearly did. But there was never a strategy in Afghanistan. Just keep the war going, the money flowing, and the soldiers dying as long as possible.

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And now, with the war almost over, the warmonger class wants it to go on for a little bit longer.

In 2017, Ilhan Omar accused American troops of massacring thousands of innocent Somalis during a humanitarian intervention in her home country in 1993. She despises our armed forces and the people who volunteer for them. But in a CNN op-ed last Friday, she demanded that U.S. troops hold Kabul airport indefinitely, at enormous personal risk, until we evacuate every single Afghan citizen who wants out, no questions asked.

This is the cause our troops are fighting for right now: To bring more future Ilhan Omars into the country, who will be taught in our own schools to despise the country that welcomed them.

On Fox News, they’ll want to put all the focus on Joe Biden and this disastrous withdrawal. And we’ll certainly give no quarter to the so-called “president’s” handling of that. But this crisis is so much bigger than traitor Joe and it’s bigger than the Democratic Party. Last fall, Representative Liz Cheney tried to block President Trump from withdrawing U.S. troops. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell trashed Trump’s plan to end the war. He said it would endanger the “progress” we had made. But there was no progress. Just more men and women coming back in coffins.

That’s the recurring trend we’ve seen from our leaders for years on end now. Our “successful” war in Iraq killed more than 4,000 Americans. It removed no weapons of mass destruction, and it created an unstable violent mess of a “democracy” whose ruling parties are sympathetic to Iran. Our intervention in Libya led to four dead Americans in Benghazi, while the country became a war-torn calamity.

For our leadership, there is no tragedy when American soldiers die. Only when they stop dying.

Jarome Bell is a retired U.S. Navy Chief Petty Officer and General Michael Flynn-endorsed America First Congressional candidate in Virginia District 2.

Bell joined Stew Peters, and did NOT hold back on his thoughts about Afghanistan, purposeful failure at the hands of Joe Biden and the Democrats, and calls for leaders to be expelled from Congress.

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