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UK Vaccine Passport Company Owned by Nazi Joseph Goebbels’ Step Grand Kids

“Oh Look! The UK Vaccine Passport Company “ENTRUST” Is Owned By Joseph Goebbel’s Step-Grandchildren❗️

Nazi Grandpa: “Show me your papers.”

Nazi Grandson: “Show me your digital papers.”

Who did Nazi that coming❓” – @KanekoaTheGreat [1]


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Narrator: Polly St. George talks us through her recent investigation of the company Entrust. A company who just recently signed a contract with the United Kingdom to provide digital passports for COVID-19 vaccine tracking. What she discovered was that the family who owns Entrust not only has Nazi roots, but they are in fact, a very prominent Nazi family. The family in question is the Quandt family. In 1929 Gunther Quandt took over one of the largest arms manufacturers in Germany. He then divorced his second wife Magda, who then married Joseph Goebbels, just two years later in 1931. The Goebbels family then became heavily involved in the Quandt family business. Their marriage took place on a grand property owned by Gunther Quandt, where Adolf Hitler served as the best man.

In 1933, Gunther officially joined the Nazi Party, and was granted special privileges to use slave labor. One of their factories even had its own concentration camp and execution area. A former prosecutor at the Nuremberg Trials claims that there was plenty of evidence to prosecute the Quandts, and regrets how they were allowed to evade punishment. Entrust was bought by the Quandt family in 1987, has went on to gain contracts in banking and government, including just about every level of the US federal government, and has just signed a contract to provide digital passports for the UK. The Quandt family weren’t the only Nazi industrialists to go on after the war and thrive. IG Farben – Bayer is the father of Big Pharma. And this ideology wasn’t born with the Nazis. It comes from the Sabbatean, Frankist, Rockefeller, Rothschild banking Empire, the ones who mysteriously create money and loan it to us with interest, as if they own it all. We know who they are. Many of them are coming out of the shadows and offering us tyranny. And many of us are accepting the offer. And all we have to do to save our lives is say no to this criminal gang of psychotic vampires.

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