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[VIDEO] MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell Shatters Team Biden With Chilling New Statement on Afghanistan

The situation in Afghanistan has become even worse than we previously thought.

The Taliban, even after meeting with Biden’s CIA chief, has refused to budge on the 8/31 departure date.


This means that Biden has until Friday to evacuate some 10K++ Americans.

As German officials say, it’s “impossible.”

You can watch the video below:

And now, MSNBC host Andrea Mitchell just drove the final nail into Biden’s political coffin, with this bombshell statement to Ned Price, the pencil-neck Ivy league ding-a-ling who’s the spokesman for the State Department.

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Andrea says that she’s received word from US Embassy workers who say that the situation is so bad, that they’d rather die quickly at the hands of a Taliban bullet than face what awaits them at the Kabul airport.

Damning stuff, and scary, too.


Just yesterday press secretary Jen Psaki was seemingly “offended” when Peter Doocy called Americans in Afghanistan “stranded.”

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What do you think Jen has to say now that Andrea Mitchell dropped this bombshell?

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