While the Biden admin does their best to “spin” the situation at Kabul airport like it’s nothing more than a long line at LaGuardia, Sky News once again comes through with accurate and real reporting on what’s happening inside and outside the airport.

And trust me, it’s not the same picture Biden and his clown admin are trying to paint.


This is a great point – how are they getting Americans out, when they told them several days ago to not go to the airport?

It would only stand to reason that the majority of people they’re evacuating are NOT Americans, right?

And it gets worse…

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There’s now a fire raging at the airport:

And, the Taliban just said “NO” to the US getting an extension on the 8/31 withdrawal date.

But not just a soft “no,” a NO that says, if you stay, there will be “consequences.”

We’re at the point now in the calamity, where Biden and his people will try and change the narrative, with new carefully crafted messaging, and the Dems who were quiet when this first broke, will start poking their heads out of the holes and push the messaging.

The US media will start to turn back towards Biden to help him as well.


 But it won’t work.

Nobody trusts this regime, our media, or the communist Democrat Party – and once you lose “trust,” everything is out the window.

Especially when you have news organizations like Sky News on the ground, reporting what’s really happening.

These images are hard to. watch, please be warned:

I am not sure how Team Biden expects to evacuate 10K+ Americans in 7 days when they told them to stay away from the airport.


Are they calling a Kabul taxi service to get these people to safety? It makes no sense whatsoever.

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