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[VIDEO] Steve Bannon Lays It All Out In Under 2 Minutes…COVID, 2020, January 6th and GOP

Last night Mike Lindell held a symposium to discuss the 202o election, and a lot of people showed up to talk about what’s going on with 2020 and beyond.

And no one laid it all out better than Steve Bannon – and nobody better explained what’s actually going on than Steve, all in under 2 minutes.


Basically, Steve says that we have three main things to focus on:

  1. COVID…who, what, where, why, and when
  2. 2020…audit matter and Dems will do whatever they can to distract from them
  3. 1/6…was it an intel attack on the American people?

Bannon says that we have the power to make sweeping changes and get to the truth and he uses the Wuhan lab as a perfect example.

We pushed hard enough and now, it’s come out that the virus leaked from the lab.

Good start. But there’s more to that story, and we all know it, so keep pushing on that, 2020 and 1/6.

Listen to this short clip. Bannon nails it.

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You can watch the video below:

Another good point Bannon makes is about these deadbeat GOP bums.

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And even more important, we need to clean house in the GOP, because there’s no way in hell we can win anything with all of these globalist dead-weights around our necks.

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