As Afghanistan crumbles into the hands of the Taliban terror group, and Americans and allies are abandoned and stuck there with no way to get out, the internet and TV are filled with people wondering how Joe Biden could be this incredibly inept.

It’s true that Joe Biden doesn’t have a very good track record when it comes to…well, anything. But he’s known for being especially bad at foreign policy.


The man’s intuition is about as sharp as a bowling ball…and that’s being generous.

So, one can definitely make the case that Biden is a bungling fool when it comes to foreign policy, and there would be little to no argument on the matter.

And then of course there’s the TDS factor – Biden is so afraid of President Trump getting credit, that it looks like he went wildly off course to charter his own way, and it blew up in his face.

That argument could be made as well…

But, the War Room has a completely different theory.


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They actually believe that everything that we’re seeing happening, from the US border to the fall of Afghanistan is by “design” not a result of incompetence.

Hmmm. Sounds intriguing…

You can watch the video below:

I think this theory holds water, especially if you look at this through the lens of the “Great Reset.”

And also if you look at this as “payback” to China for help in the 2020 election…They get into Afghanistan now and take all their lithium.

But, the blowback that Biden is getting is so brutal, you have to wonder if they didn’t plan for that – because quite frankly, it’s a political disaster.


But I definitely believe that seeing the US weakened and overrun with illegal aliens and refugees, and putting China is a better position of power is all part of the globalist’s plan…so this is something to definitely ponder.

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