Everything woke turns to shit… and that include the military.

This female (?) soldier said some things that set Twitter on fire…


Watch it here:


“I understand that if active duty military actually get deployed within the United States, that weapon is not just pointed at other people, other countries. It’s pointed at you. If you do not get in your house when I tell you to you become the enemy martial law” – Staff Sergeant Bronson

We wonder if she realizes how many retired military have the same training as she does?

Does she realize that many rural Americans climb trees in the dark and freeze their balls off in the wee hours of the morning to just sit there in hopes of a deer crossing their path for fun?

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This does not end well if it comes to this.


Here’s what they’re saying about this on Twitter…

“If I were her commander, and I’m not, she’d be in my office in front of me at 0700 tomorrow in her dress uniform.”

“Where is this coming from? Why would she even intimate that martial law is coming and that she would be directing us to stay in our homes? In the United States of America!?”

“What an odd thing to say. Guess she didn’t really mean it when she took the oath to support & defend that U.S. constitution. And missed the part of her training of where they discussed unlawful orders. Posse comitatus anyone?”

“This soldier is definitely going to face some kind of disciplinary action for this video. Totally inappropriate and probably causing a headache for their leadership right now.”

“No one I served with thinks this way. She will be the one on the wrong end of a lot of guns talking like that.”

“She wishes she could pee standing up”

“This is what all the CRT and wokeness training is for. They’re building a new generation of soldiers to fight against “domestic terrorists””

“That’s not alarming at all. Completely normal”

“Bring it on sweet pea. This Veteran comes from 9 generations of military service dating back to the Revolutionary War. My comrades & I will throw you a welcoming party you’ll never forget. We’ll remind you of the Oath you swore because apparently you’ve forgotten it.”

“Ever since the era of Covid started, every 2 weeks or so I see something that makes me say, “ah, so that’s how Nazi Germany happened””

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Now here’s the entire unedited video: Servicewoman Cindy Bronson calls out woman on her ignorant rants.

If you watch the full video that provides more context, it wasn’t as bad as the edited version made it seem.

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