It is a surety that most of the commenters excusing Joe Biden’s self-inflicted disaster couldn’t find Afghanistan on a map, have never served in the military, or know little of strategic effects.

After 20 years, what did we have there? In the last four fighting seasons (about 18 months), the Afghan Army had checked advances by the Taliban through victories on the battlefield.  Afghani success was due to logistics, intelligence, and most importantly, air support provided by 2,500 US military. US losses were zero.


We had a strategically important Central Asia airbase at Bagram and destroyed Al-Qaeda, ISIS, and other terrorist group’s ability to base operations in Afghanistan. We had critical “listening posts” for nuclear Pakistan and terrorist exporter and soon-to-be nuclear Iran and access to strategically important rare earth minerals.

With his “ready-shoot-aim” gang, Biden wanted to make a PR splash on the 20th anniversary of 9/11. Well, he got his splash…his hands are covered in blood.

Biden should have never ceded Bagram. It was a fortified stronghold that could have easily been used to stage the evacuations. Once the last American was out of harm’s way, demolish it with cruise missiles and aerial bombardment to prevent the Taliban from freely obtaining the weapons caches, helicopters, drones, and whatever else they walked in and took. Not exactly rocket science.

Biden has humiliated himself and this country by becoming a supplicant to the Taliban. It reminds me of the Barbary Pirates who made us pay tribute for access to sea lanes. How embarrassing.

The only priority should be to get US citizens out, period.  Not enough Afghans want freedom. We gave them $3T in aid and a well-equipped and trained army, but at the end of the day, not enough Afghani’s cared enough to sacrifice and fight to maintain any gains obtained during the U.S./NATO presence.   The bloodshed and suffering that will follow are regrettable, but it was coming sooner or later (months as opposed to days) once the US followed through on the last President’s deal.

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The Biden Administration made this as bad as it could be, but it would be almost as bad no matter who was in the Oval once the decision was made.

I wish I had hopes that we would see real leadership at this point in the form of someone stepping forward, admitting they were wrong, made a mistake. Really could use someone willing to make the tough decisions to take action even though you know no matter what, you will be second-guessed and criticized for it. Because right now, many people depend on their country doing the right thing and have their back. A nation needs it. Sadly I do not have that hope.

Just hearing the final word that we are not going to rescue stranded Americans and Afghani Allies.   This is a cataclysm for American values and prestige.   We are a weakling nation being led by a team of weaklings and posers.  If they can stoop to this – they will stoop to anything.

This entire episode has been shameful, starting with the repulsive selection of Sept 11 as the first withdrawal date.  First off, what kind of fool tells the enemy what he’s going to do and when?  And then taking out troops first before securing our citizens and allies and equipment is gross negligence.

When you, for the first time in our history,  voluntarily surrender to the enemy, desert terrified Americans into the hands of terrorists, supply them with an astounding number of weapons, leave a massive hole in our ability to defend ourselves, humiliate our allies, and our nation,  lie about it all, and greatly diminish the trust in the office, that brings up word-treason.


This bungled withdrawal plan belongs to the Biden administration alone.  Biden and his people had six months to develop their plan but apparently drew this one up on a bar napkin.

Pray that nothing will upset the Taliban and allow Americans scattered around Afghanistan to get to Kabul before the deadline. The Biden administration says all who “want to leave” will be evacuated, but I have not heard of any plan to address those who cannot get to Kabul.

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This piece originally appeared in and is used by permission.

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