Big tech tyranny has struck again, this time targeting Republican Senator Rand Paul.  YouTube has suspended Sen. Paul for seven days after taking down two of his videos for “COVID misinformation.”  YouTube first removed an interview the Senator did on Newsmax about masks, the second video was of Paul defending his comments on masks and calling out YouTube for censorship.


Senator Paul fired back today on Twitter saying, “A badge of honor . . . leftwing cretins at Youtube banning me for 7 days for a video that quotes 2 peer reviewed articles saying cloth masks don’t work.”

YouTube doesn’t want you to see these videos, so we have them here below:

(BANNED VIDEO) Dr. Paul Addresses Dr. Fauci’s Mishandling of the COVID-19 Pandemic with Newsmax

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Senator Rand Paul:  (On Dr. Fauci) “I actually think he is like most of us wants what’s best for the country. But I think he is naive, and he hasn’t really learned from his mistakes on this. I’ll give you another example. If he were sitting here and you ask him, if you get COVID, naturally, do you have immunity? He probably gonna be grudgingly say yes. But if you ask him, Well, should you vaccinate those who have already gotten it? He’d  say everybody ought to be vaccinated. But it’s really, really bad advice that goes against the science. “

Senator Rand Paul: (On Lab Leak Theory) “But also the problem is is that journalism on the left and in the center is completely ignoring this, you know, what they said for a year was that it was a conspiracy theory and that you weren’t even worthy of public debate. You should be canceled. You should be eliminated. They should kick you off of Facebook, kick you off of Twitter. If you’re insinuating that it might have come from the lab and we haven’t we all but then certainly that’s something we’ve got to push back on and you You know, we don’t need a country where we live where there’s a ministry of truth. And the truth is defined by people like Dr. Fauci. The other big thing about the cover up and I think there probably was a cover up with Wuhan is that the people that were appointed to investigate it, were the people who gave them money. So who would be culpable who would be the most guilty and least guilty in the sense of, you know, attaching some blame for this virus? It’d be the people in the US who funded it.”


Senator Rand Paul: (On Gain Of Function Research) “And remember this, Dr. Fauci has said for years publicly, the gain of function research is worth it. Even if there were a pandemic, he would say it was worth it. So he was acknowledging as early as 2012, that a pandemic could occur from this research. It may well have had, but this is the naivety and the terrible judgment. He still thinks that it’s worth it. But as we work through that, I think it’s incredibly important that we look at whether we should be doing this in our country as well.”

Senator Paul’s follow up video defends his first video and blasts censorship:

(BANNED VIDEO) It Is Time For Unfiltered News

Senator Rand Paul: “Recently I shared a video on my YouTube page. It was an interview between myself and a journalist, where we discussed a variety of topics including the science behind wearing masks, apparently, because I dared to contradict Dr. Fauci and the government, YouTube has removed my video. If you want to see the video, it’s up on who does not censor the news. YouTube said the video violated their policy because of my comments on masks and they don’t allow videos that contradict government’s guidance on COVID. YouTube may be a private entity, but they’re acting like an arm of the government censoring those who present an alternative view to the science deniers in Washington. People like Dr. Fauci who have lied to the American people time and time again about masks. Here’s the thing. What I said in that video is actual science. Most of the mask you get over the counter don’t work. They don’t prevent infection, saying cloth masks work when they don’t actually risks lives, as someone may choose to care for a loved one with COVID while only wearing a cloth mask. This is not only bad advice, but also potentially deadly misinformation. What I said in the interview that YouTube censored is the truth.”


Senator Paul released a powerful video on Sunday calling for citizens to resist tyranny, saying “It’s time for us to resist, they can’t arrest all of us.”  Watch the full video here:

Sen. Rand Paul: “It’s time for us to resist, they can’t arrest all of us”