One hospital in Alabama is defying Joe Biden by ending its requirement that all staffers get vaccinated against COVID-19.

UAB Hospital in Birmingham announced that it would wait and see how the vaccine mandates being put forth by Biden play out before enforcing them at its facility, according to WBRC-TV. According to, this came days after the Alabama Center for Law and Liberty threatened legal action against the hospital, claiming that it was violating state law by forcing employees to get vaccinated according to


“As the Supreme Court of Alabama has recognized, UAB Hospital is a state-run hospital,” the ACLL wrote in a letter to the hospital.

“Consequently, UAB Hospital may not require its employees to disclose whether they have been vaccinated or not,” the letter continued. “Likewise, the Alabama Attorney General has examined the law and concluded that ‘no government, school, or business in Alabama may demand that a constituent, or customer, respectively, be vaccinated for COVID-19 or show proof of his or her vaccination for COVID-19.'”

The UAB Hospital in Birmingham responded by scrapping its vaccine requirement for employees.

“The UAB Health System’s policy requiring COVID vaccines for its workers was implemented in August before the announcement of forthcoming federal directives,” the hospital said in a statement. “President Biden issued an executive order Sept. 9 indicating that federal rules and regulations will be issued in the coming weeks that will require COVID vaccines for workers at health care facilities that receive Medicare or Medicaid dollars.”

“Because UAB Health System must follow federal law, UAB Health System will remove its vaccine policy at this time,” the hospital continued. “UAB Health System will wait for the detailed federal guidance to develop a replacement vaccine policy in order to ensure full compliance with federal law.”

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The statement concluded that it is still offering a voluntary incentive that includes a reward of $400 for employees who get vaccinated.

According to the Alabama Political Reporter, this also came after Alabama Attorney General Steve Marshall questioned whether or not Biden’s vaccine mandate was legal, explaining that he has received complaints about privacy violations.

“The Attorney General’s Office has received complaints from healthcare employees who believe their COVID-19 immunization status was obtained by their employers through the ImmPRINT registry for the purpose of verifying compliance with the employer’s immunization requirement,” Marshall said. “In several of those cases, a shared employer specifically acknowledged accessing the state immunization database for this purpose. This privacy violation is unlawful.”

He went on to say that healthcare providers need to be aware of this and not ask their employees about their immunization status.

Marshall has pledged that Alabama will be filing a lawsuit against Biden’s vaccine mandate when it goes into effect.



We applaud the great state of Alabama for fighting back so vigorously against Biden’s illegal vaccine mandates! Americans everywhere should be free to decide for themselves whether or not they get vaccinated, without the government forcing them to do so. They also should not need to worry about losing their jobs based on their vaccination status.

Here’s hoping that more facilities follow UAB Hospital’s lead and stop forcing employees to get a vaccine that they may not want.

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