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AMA Propaganda Handbook EXPOSED! Doctors Brainwashing “Pandemic” and “Vaccine” Language

Yesterday on this program I told you about Doctor Courtney Bennett at the Mayo Clinic. She’s the cardiologist who said that, if you’re not vaccinated and you get sick, then, quote, “do me a favor and don’t burden our hospitals because you are ignorant. Ask YouTube for help.”

Well, now we may have some indication of who’s shaping Doctor Bennett’s words.

It turns out the American Medical Association has been putting out lengthy guidelines dictating to doctors what they’re supposed to say to the public, like trained propagandists.

This guide was made last winter, and it’s really a remarkable read. There’s literally a section titled “COVID-19 Language Swaps” where the AMA instructs doctors on what words to say, and which ones to not say. Don’t call it a “lockdown,” it’s a “stay-at-home order.” Don’t say “government,” say “public health agencies.” When they talk about vaccines, they aren’t supposed to give facts about the testing process — the money spent on it, the number of test participants — but instead they’re supposed to just call it “a transparent, rigorous process,” while actually reducing the amount of rigor shown to the public. And this one is particularly incredible: The AMA actually asks doctors to not mention the coronavirus or COVID-19. Instead, they say to just talk about “the pandemic” instead.

This reads so much like those guides you see coming out of universities. Like at Brandeis University, there’s a guide telling you not to use the term “homeless person.” Instead, use  “person who is experiencing housing insecurity.” Don’t use “drug addict,” use “person with substance abuse disorder.” Don’t use “prostitute,” use “person engaged in sex work.” There’s a very old left-wing practice, used by the French revolutionaries, used by the Communists, and used by today’s progressives, to control reality by controlling what language you use.

So what else is in this guide? Well, they have template social media posts, telling doctors exactly what to post on Facebook or Twitter. For instance, quote, “Even with the vaccine we need to keep using masks to stop the spread. #COVID19 #MaskUp.” Or this, quote, “Facts, logic and compassion require us to all do our part. Get vaccinated. #COVID19.” Or this: “I trust a vaccine endorsed by scientists, career public health professionals, my doctor, and the mainstream medical community. #TrustScience”

This guide also includes tips on how to stall out an interview or dodge unwanted questions. Not kidding. To stall, they suggest asking to repeat the question, or doing it yourself while saying “I’m glad you asked that” blah blah blah. Want to deflect? Say “That’s a misperception, but the reality is…”. Want to steer the conversation elsewhere? Just say “I don’t have the details on that, but what I know is…” and then say what you really want to say.

So that’s how the medical profession works these days, apparently. We send these people to school for 20 years, make them take one exam after another, have them swear a Hippocratic oath, and then give them a user manual on what hashtags to use and how to box out an interviewer. If a doctor is just going to repeat what the AMA tells them, why have the doctors at all? You can get plenty of starving propagandists at any liberal arts college. But instead, we want to turn our medical professionals into ideological zombies with stethoscopes.

There’s other spooky stuff in this document. The AMA openly calls on tech platforms to, quote, “advance evidence-based information from credible sources and reduce the spread of misinformation.” In other words, a medical body is now simply calling for censorship in the name of public health. They call for eliminating all non-medical exemptions from vaccines. They call for the medical profession to prioritize black and “Latinx” individuals in developing coronavirus treatments; in other words, de facto racial discrimination. This is the organization that accredits our nation’s medical schools. But just like every other institution in America, it’s being corrupted to serve the broader, perpetual needs of the ideological left. And that rot will still be there long after coronavirus is gone.

Dr. Bryan Ardis [1] is a consultant to multiple practitioners, he’s been a standout exposing the corruption of the medical system and the powers that be in the United States, he was the first doctor to blow the whistle on Remdesivir, the non-FDA approved drug that Tony Fauci has made protocol to treat COVID patients in every hospital across the country and Dr. Ardis joined Stew today.

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