So, America seems to hate Joe Biden. Rasmussen’s most recent poll has him at 52% disapproval, and he’s even hitting 50% in the other polls, and the number keeps going up.

And why wouldn’t they hate him? Biden turned the necessary Afghan withdrawal into an unnecessary calamity and national humiliation. His Covid policy started with insane mask mandates, including for schoolchildren at no risk, and now he’s moved on to a completely unconstitutional vaccine mandate. His tech policy is to let Google and Facebook control your life, what you see, what you hear, what you read, what you think. His border plan is to have no plan and no border. His education plan is critical race theory. So is his infrastructure plan. Seriously, Biden’s plan to fix racism includes tearing up highways in New Orleans and Syracuse, New York that his administration says were racist when they were built.

Biden’s plan for the military? That’s all C-R-T too. Why fight foreign enemies when you can study “white rage” and declare that the greatest enemy of America is patriots right here in this country?

Of course, when we blame Biden for this, we’re actually blaming the people around him who make the real decisions, because President Biden himself is not there. He’s a puppet in severe cognitive decline, falling asleep during international meetings and forgetting where he is.

So Biden the puppet president is a disaster. Beating him should be easy. But who is getting pushed as the alternative?

Right now, the GOP’s leaders in Congress are still Kevin McCarthy, the man I told you about yesterday who has fewer testicles than Liz Cheney, and Mitch McConnell the Turtle Lord. And who’s behind them? Fox News is still trying to promote Marco Rubio as the GOP’s future, just like they’ve been doing for the past decade.

Are The Biden Regime's Vaccine Mandates Even Constitutional?

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What did we get from Marco Rubio over the past decade? He worked very hard with Senator Chuck Schumer to pass the Gang of 8 amnesty bill in 2013. The other three Republicans working on that bill? John McCain, Jeff Flake, and Lindsey Graham, which should tell you everything you need to know right there about the bill’s quality. Then, in 2016, when the base made it clear how they felt about amnesty, Rubio tried to claim that the bill was never intended to actually pass. He was just messing with all of us, you see. Just being a trickster. He thinks you’re all dumb enough to believe that.

Sure, he endorsed Donald Trump at the last minute in 2016 and then tried to act like a firm supporter. It was fake. He was a committed supporter of the fraudulent Russian investigation, which in 2017 he said should be “full, thorough, and credible.” Then having said that, he sat there and let de facto Democrat Richard Burr lead the media and the American people on a wild-goose chase that squandered the most critical period of Donald Trump’s presidency.

What did Little Marco get for turning a blind eye to the Russian Hoax investigation? He got to be the chairman of the committee when Burr stepped aside due to an investigation of his corrupt stock trades.

Then, after the 2020 election, Rubio abandoned the president. When Democrats debuted their novel strategy of taking a week to count the votes in every contested state, Rubio tweeted that, quote, “taking days to count legally cast votes is NOT fraud.” When President Trump was fighting in the courts to contest the election outcome, Rubio stood aside and just cryptically tweeted about America’s government is a “den of thieves.” His reward was to have outlets like Newsweek praise him and call him a 2024 frontrunner.

If that’s actually the case, then we only have ourselves to blame. Because we are the Republican Party base, and there is no chance that Marco Rubio should be considered a “frontrunner” for 2024. But there’s also no chance that any of us consider Mitch McConnell and Kevin McCarthy to be our ideological leaders either, yet they’re still forced onto us year after year.

This is how it has to be. During the Trump years, you may have been told to trust the plan. Well, right now, the truth is, if there’s a plan at all, it isn’t meant to help you. But in all likelihood, there is no plan. It’s just castrated Republican leaders, trying to cling to control as long as they can until they either die or cash in as a lobbyist. Same thing, really. Mitch, Kevin, and Little Marco are not the plan. The military is not the plan. This isn’t Lord of the Rings where the Rohirrim arrive at dawn on the third day to save everyone. Nobody is going to sweep Donald Trump or a worthy successor back into the White House for us.

That’s not the plan. We are the plan. To turn this country around ordinary Americans have to speak out. And thankfully, it’s easier for ordinary Americans to do this than ever. That’s why I’m able to have this podcast. Before the Internet, this podcast couldn’t exist. Fifty years ago, Americans with something to say tried to contact the local radio show, or they went to a city council meeting. Today, any American can speak to the entire country.

And that’s happening, as individuals and as huge groups. If you turned into any college football games over the weekend, there’s a good chance you saw this new chant, regardless of what team you were watching.

And it’s not just huge crowds at football games. Any person brave enough to speak the raw, unfiltered truth in these times has the chance to become the star of the moment. Because when they speak out, they say what almost all of us are thinking.

Author Megan McGlover has been the latest to prove that. When President Biden announced his illegal vaccine mandate last week, she had this to say on TikTok:

Needless to say, hundreds of thousands if not millions of people have seen that clip by now, because it resonates with people. And after seeing that clip, I knew I had to speak with Megan McGlover directly and she joined me on the show today.

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