On Monday night, while many Americans settled in to learn the newest wave of news coming out of Afghanistan and the White House, numerous celebrities and elitists congregated at the highly-anticipated 2021 Met Gala. Always known for being a lavish spectacle for only the richest and most famous, this year’s Gala had a surprising guest – Twitter expert and Democratic Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

While AOC might have been somewhat of a recluse lately, she stunned reporters and attendees when she sported a dress with the words “Tax The Rich” written on it in red paint. And although AOC was hoping to send a message, some were quick to point out that she wore the dress to an event where a single table cost upwards of $200,000. 


Attending the event with her boyfriend Riley Roberts, AOC boasted to her online followers about how she was breaking the fourth wall by attending the event. As mentioned above, the Gala is only accessible to the most elite, and AOC believes she is nothing more than a “working-class woman.” She also defended her attendance at the Gala by saying Google searches about the “F**KED up tax code” in the country were drastically rising. 

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While AOC rubbed shoulders with celebrities, Greg Price, writer for the Daily Caller, pointed out how she constantly compares herself to the working class. He said, “AOC grew up in a wealthy suburb, went to one of the most expensive colleges in America, makes a six-figure salary, drives a Tesla, lives above a Whole Foods, and is currently at an event that costs more to attend than America’s average personal income.”


Even more shocking at the 2021 Met Gala is how many of those in attendance, including AOC, were not wearing a mask. In the last several months, COVID-19 surges have caused the Democrats to debate mandatory vaccines. Still, at the Gala, the A-list stars simply ignored the CDC and State of California guidelines. While the event was for fully vaccinated guests, the CDC recommends wearing a mask while indoors regardless of being vaccinated or not.

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