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Big Tech Commies Smash Expert Doctors, Nuke COVID Treatment Broadcast!

There’s really only one way to describe the fever around the coronavirus shots being called “vaccines”, emanating from the press, our universities, and the Biden Administration: This is a frenzy, an obsession defying all reason and all logic, and gutting our society down to its core. Earlier this month, two senior FDA officials resigned their jobs because they disagreed with the Biden Administration pushing booster shots onto the whole country, as a solution to the vaccines not working like we were originally promised. Those FDA officials have now put their names to a report, just published in Lancet, one of the most important medical journals in the world, which argues strongly against distributing booster shots, given the side effects, eye-popping adverse events, and deaths we’ve already seen and the chance that the side effects of a booster could be far, far more severe.

But it doesn’t matter. The Biden administration is pushing ahead. And people are getting more demented in supporting them. This is a tweet the other day from Occupy Democrats, a top left-wing Twitter account. Quote: BREAKING: A large Florida landlord announces that he will begin requiring all new and existing tenants to provide proof of COVID vaccination, saying, “You don’t want to get vaccinated? You have to move, and if you don’t, we will evict you.” RT IF YOU SUPPORT THE LANDLORD’S MOVE!”

This is nothing less than the gutting of American society. We, and by “we” I mean “they,” are celebrating ordinary Americans being kicked out of their homes and thrown into the street because they don’t want to have medicine forced on them.

We’re probably not going to know the full truth for a long time. Maybe not ever. But there’s something undeniable: Something just isn’t quite right with these injections being called “vaccines”, and according to the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System, the death caused by these shots in just a short period of time is record-smashing. And the powers that be are doing everything they possibly can to silence any dissent and any questions. I want to read some excerpts from a message I received from Alex Culican. Alex is a physical therapist in Georgia who is going to be forced out of her job by her hospital’s vaccine mandate. Here’s what Alex had to say in her letter.

Quote: “The vice president of the hospital made the rounds to each department in the hospital yesterday to notify staff how dire this “upcoming delta variant wave” is. … They are continuing the narrative that the majority of the patients in the Covid ICU are unvaxed which I know to be false. They are saying the staff shortages are from burnout which is untrue. [Staff] are leaving because of the upcoming mandates.”

Alex’s letter is just one heartbreaking statement after another. She describes nursing home patients who haven’t had a visitor since February of 2020, 19 months ago. Imagine going nearly two years, in the twilight of your life, without being allowed to see your friends, your children, your grandchildren. It’s evil. Satanic, even. And it’s clear these hospital administrators love every moment of it, in some sick way.

Alex’s letter continues. Quote: “I have seen many unvaxed patients that are now experiencing health issues from living with the vaxed. … I am hearing more and more female staff complaining of heavy bleeding or changes in their menstrual cycles. This is unvaxed staff that are treating vaxed patients. Some of the vaxed staff are complaining of joint pain, memory and concentration issues, nerve pain in their extremities, difficulty sleeping, and brain fog. Many are having significant weight loss. … One young “vaxed” mom is has talked about her baby not wanting to eat.”

I get thousands of emails just like this from healthcare workers and everyday Americans who love liberty. We embrace our freedom and our inherent God-given right to make medical decisions and choices after our own health and the well-being of our families based on the research we do, independently, after consulting with our trusted physicians, and after praying about it. Many of these healthcare workers are coming forward now. They’re digging down deep, mustering the courage to come forward because they understand that we are at war. We are fighting in a real war of information and this platform, The Stew Peters Show, and other honest reporting platforms are fighting unbelievable resistance and censorship. The powers that be are doing everything they possibly can to suppress alternative perspectives on the vaccine and coronavirus more generally. That of course includes YouTube. Last year, they took down videos for saying the coronavirus might have come from a Chinese lab. Now, that’s the consensus theory. But they haven’t learned, so now this year they’re taking down videos for questioning the consensus on vaccines and possible alternatives to them.

Tom Carrigan is a podcaster who had a large following on YouTube. He’s a young American sharing COVID and “vaccine” information, and he welcomed one of today’s most highly-respected experts, Dr. Peter McCullough. Carrigan also published a video interview with Dr. Robert Malone, and the conversation was about vitamins and alternative remedies for the set of symptoms, the branded product being marketed as COVID-19. As a result of sharing information about vitamins, Carrigan’s video was taken down by YouTube and his entire channel was nuked. Carrigan has become just another example of how authoritarian communists shut down speech that may help you and your family to stay alive, and Carrigan joined Stew today to discuss.

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