DETROIT, MI – Black Lives Matter activists harassed former Detroit Police Chief James Craig while attempting to announce that he was running for governor Tuesday.

Their Chants, according to The Detroit News, began around 10:00 am and rang out with “Black Lives Matter” and “No justice, No peace. James Craig is still the police.”


Craig was speaking in Belle Isle but was forced to change locations due to the interruption of protestors who were said to be with the group Detroit Will Breathe.

Protestors also called Craig, a black man, racist and said he aided Nazis.

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After being forced to relocate, Craig accused Michigan’s Department of Natural Resources of lack of security when they knew this specific group had planned on protesting and that “this group had the potential to become violent.”

“The DNR knew about the potential for protests yesterday, I’m told,” Craig said. “They indicated they were going to come and move the protesters back. That never happened. So it makes me wonder if it was by design.”

He attempted to speak at the podium to make his announcement, with a small group shouting his name. However, Craig and the small group were both drowned out by protesting chants, and Craig left the area.

Other chants were, “Hey hey, ho ho, James Craig has got to go,” and “James Craig is full of hate! We won’t let him win our state.”


Craig said he was disappointed in the group blocking his freedom of speech. “They wanted to disrupt the speech, and they did that.” He also said the crowd was “very aggressive” with his staff.

Craig is running for governor as a Republican to replace incumbent Democrat Gretchen Whitmer.

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