New York Gov. Kathy Hochul (D) spoke out the other day to shame the unvaccinated while appearing before Brooklyn’s Christian Cultural Center.

Candace Owens came on Tucker Carlson Tonight and had a few words to say about her COVID Cult-like speech.




Tucker Carlson: Candles in the image of Tony Fauci. How ridiculous is the resurrection, would you say?

Candace Owens: Oh, wait, you’re telling me you weren’t converted by Kathy. You weren’t converted by Governor Kathy. When you were watching her speak, I was converted. I’m an apostle now, and let me tell you, everything she’s saying is true. It’s very clear, Tucker, in the Bible. For those of you who read, what did Joe Biden call it, Pasalms? Yeah, the book of Pasalms, that our dedicated Catholic president. It tells you right there what that what Jesus Christ wanted was for us to get vaccinated. He also, by the way, wanted medical segregation, open borders, Hillary Clinton to win the 2016 election. I know it sounds like it’s just exactly what the democrats want. They pretend that it’s what God wants because that’s exactly what it is. And it’s so foolish, by the way, we’re talking about the Democratic Party. For her to invoke God, it is just such a joke, right? This is the party at their DNC convention, you will recall. They stripped the words under God from the Pledge of Allegiance because they said that that was too triggering, right? This is that party. This is the party that spent the last four years mocking Vice President Pence because of his Christian faith. This is the party that refers to people in the south as Bible Belt Christians as a pejorative. You know, so it’s just it’s so foolish they think that the American people are going to fall for this obvious scam. But you are correct. I have said this has moved from a public health crisis to a mental health crisis and obsession and a cult with COVID-19.

Tucker Carlson: And of course, it’s narcissism. Pure narcissism. It’s just interesting, though. This is the party that lectured us for decades about science, believe the science, and here you have this low IQ shaman telling you that you have to get the shot because God wants you to. That sounds a lot like superstition, No?

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Candace Owens: It does sound superstition, but also if you want to be superstitious, can you explain to me Tucker, can somebody explain to me how right now in New York, we’re being told that just the unvaccinated are in the hospital, but also, they have to let go of 70,000 unvaccinated healthcare employees because apparently the unvaccinated are a risk to the unvaccinated. I mean, I can’t figure any of this stuff out, but you’re not supposed to understand a cult. You just do what they say.

Tucker Carlson: That’s exactly right. And somehow, you just if I could, I probably shouldn’t even say this. But the last Governor of New York was horrible. He’s just a bad person, I would say, But you knew they were gonna get someone worse. I mean, Cuomo for all his many manifold faults. You cannot imagine him telling you the God demands you get the Vax. I think he would choke on those words. But maybe he would say it.

Candace Owens: Honestly, I hate to say this, but I found that sermon to be even creepier than Governor Cuomo was. It’s incredibly creepy to invoke God and to pretend that you’ve had some awakening and that Christ is going through you and telling you to get the vaccine. Yeah, Christ wants you to make Pfizer a few more billion dollars, and then you can be converted.

Tucker Carlson: Exactly. And when they fire his brother from CNN, he’ll be replaced by somebody worse. You watch. I see a theme here. Candace Owens, great to see you. Thank you.

Candace Owens: Thank you.


For more context, here’s the original story we published:

NY Gov. Kathy Hochul Slams The Unvaccinated – Says They ‘Aren’t Listening To God’