The left’s hypocrisy is on full display for everyone to see unless they’re part of the remaining and dwindling audience that only watches Big Media like CNN and MSNBC.

As I said last night in an increasingly rare Facebook post, “Follow the money is what the science follows.” (I’m not posting a link to that post because we at Red Voice Media don’t think sending people to an anti-First Amendment platform is a good idea.)


Just think about that statement for a minute. We all know that it hasn’t been about ‘following the science’ for quite some time.

Far better advice would be to FOLLOW THE MONEY.

Anyways, check out this short conversation between Tucker Carlson and Candace Owens:


Tucker Carlson: Candace Owens is a really smart person and a nice person too. She’s the host of Candace. She joins us tonight. I’m sure I don’t know how else to respond to this. How do you respond to this?

Are The Biden Regime's Vaccine Mandates Even Constitutional?

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Candace Owens: Oh, look, I didn’t think that I’d have to take a break from what I was doing to explain science to you tonight, Tucker, but I’m willing to do that. And in case you forgot, COVID-19 is a very, very smart virus that knows whether or not you’re sitting, whether or not you’re standing, whether or not a good song comes on, and you just feeling the spirit. COVID-19 goes, Okay, I’m gonna leave her alone. And most importantly, you forgot that COVID-19 knows if you’re sophisticated as Barack Obama’s birthday party taught us. This virus knows that if you want to go to say the Met Gala, if you want to go to the Emmys, it’s okay because you’re a sophisticated person. The rest of us are not so sophisticated. So we have to adhere to stricter mask policies because we lack that certain sophistication that’s required to keep ourselves safe. So, you know, on the one hand, you see what she says, and I appreciate the honesty. She’s saying the mask mandates that don’t make any sense, right? She’s talking like a regular individual. The problem is that they don’t practice that when they’re legislating. They don’t care because there is this feeling that they sit above us there is this social hierarchy. They are the politicians, they know they stand above the law, and unfortunately, they never seem to face any consequences for it.

Tucker Carlson: What if you want to live in the country we lived in 30 years ago, which was a pretty egalitarian country where everyone was equal under the law. That was the promise, and it was mostly true. I was here for that. What do you do? Is there anywhere to go where everyone is treated equally under the law?

Candace Owens: You know, it’s feeling more and more I know, people are feeling really upset about the way that COVID-19 is making our country look. It feels like we don’t recognize this country anymore. It does feel like there are a bunch of people that are making decisions and ruling over us every single day. Unconstitutional mandates. They don’t even care. Look at the Biden administration. They’re making up rules as they go along. They’re thinking the CDC and the OSHA represent the Constitution of the United States, right? They’re going through these bodies that are not meant to legislate, and they’re enforcing these mandates that make no sense, and they’re going. Oh, well, what are you going to do? We’re in power right now. So, unfortunately, the only place that we, the only thing we can do, is go to the polls, and I do think that there will be a referendum on these sorts of actions in 2022.

Tucker Carlson: And COVID mandates have got to be at the top, I think of voter concerns because it’s just totalitarian. Candace Owens, I appreciate your coming on.


Rules for thee but not for me are a common theme for these hypocritical political elites and their celebrity friends.

We The People’s patience is wearing thin.

Just check out a few of these comments from everyday people on the internet…

“The Hunger Games are upon us.”

“Biden administration is rabid dogs that need to be put down.”

“Typical Dems do what I say, not what I do. Hypocritical left POS.”

“Nope! If everyone stands up to these Communists, that won’t do crap! Look at the college football games! Our small village never did any mandates! We live in a bubble here!”

“And stupid people in my state of CA kept Newscum in power by a vast majority! We’re in a time where everything is upside down.”

“…but, but, but Toni Tone was playing…”

“Well, this is just like Obama’s birthday party. Covid doesn’t attack sophisticated people. Everyone in the Democratic party thinks they’re sophisticated and educated so they think they’re safe unless everything about covid is a lie.”