While President Joe Biden and his band of Democrats continuously spin COVID-19 hysteria, one state has taken the forefront of opposing the useless mask mandates and protecting the rights of parents.

Even before President Biden mandated the vaccine, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis vowed to fight back, ultimately signing an executive order banning masks in schools and leaving it up to the parents of the children to decide if they wear them or not.


While some districts defied his order, forcing children to wear masks, one Florida chiropractor is making waves by signing hundreds of medical exemption forms for students. 

Again, defying Gov. DeSantis’s orders, the Sarasota County School Board decided to enact a 90-day mask mandate for all visitors, vendors, staff, and students. The new mandate does allow the students to remove their masks to eat and drink, but without a medical exemption for a “medical reason,” there was no getting past it. That is where Dr. Dan Busch comes in. 

According to district officials, schools have received close to 1,700 exemption forms since the mandate took place. As of now, 650 of them have been declined. And a majority of those that didn’t pass came from chiropractor Dr. Dan Busch. 

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Late in August, a video of numerous families lined up outside the doctor’s office made the local news and caused the superintendent of the schools to update the mask mandate. It now requires the form to be signed by a licensed medical doctor, registered nurse practitioners, and osteopathic physicians.


While the district hopes to stop abuse from taking place, Dr. Busch is defending his practice. “What was so touching is that how many people broke down crying because they felt so helpless, and it hit me to have that opportunity to allow the parents to have a choice. Every evaluation that I performed was very specific and I performed them in my scope of practice. I had to stay very specific to the diagnoses that were in my wheelhouse. There are plenty that weren’t.”

Dr. Busch also said that he had turned away numerous patients looking for an exemption form. He even told reporters he was hoping to sit down with the school district. “I have not directly heard from the school district, but I am more than happy to sit down with the school district.

I’m not trying to do something shady, irrefutable, unethical. I’ll sit down. I would be happy to come to them.”

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