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Conservative Pundit John Cardillo Says Pelosi’s Latest Words “Prove” She Was “In On It” With Milley

We’ve known for a while that “WOKE” general Mark Milley is a danger.

His ideological progressive-commie views are the last thing we need in our country, let alone our military.

But we just found out recently how truly dangerous he really is.


A new book claims they have evidence that Milley sought to take power away from President Trump after January 6th, claiming President Trump was somehow “unstable.”

Total hogwash.

Milley then reportedly called China and told them that if Trump tried to “attack them” he’d give them a heads up.


Good lord, is this guy a thespian drama queen? Nothing even remotely close to that was ever going to happen.

Milley reminds me of John Brennan.

It also appears that Milley had a sidekick helping him.

By now, we all know that Pelosi placed a phone call to Milley on January 8th and started the ball rolling about Trump being “crazy.”

It appears that Milley took her seriously, and the traitor, along with Pelosi, attempted their little coup.

Conservative pundit John Cardillo says that Pelosi’s latest words prove it.


Here’s what John said:

“Pelosi is admitting she helped Milley commit sedition and treason.”

Pelosi admitted that she and Milley had “very serious concerns” about Trump.

She was obviously in on it.

The irony here is that Nancy Pelosi is a lush and sounds like a bat-sh*t crazy madwoman half the time.

Much like Joe, she doesn’t make sense and she’s consumed by TDS.

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Pelosi may feel like a hero now, claiming that she and Milley “saved the country” from a madman…but her time will come and she will be outed and treated like the traitor she is.

This piece originally appeared in WayneDupree.com [6] and is used by permission.

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