The so-called experts and the talking heads of Big Media keep repeating the phrase “Pandemic of the unvaccinated” to dehumanize free thinkers, sow division amongst the people, and push experimental medical procedures for the profit of Big Pharma.

We now have more cases, of up to 300% by some reports, than we did last year at the same time.

The big difference between now and then?

We didn’t have the COVID vaccines last year.

Wouldn’t it stand to reason that cases would go down if the vaccines work?

The Biden Regime says that 75% are vaccinated and that we need to protect the vaccinated from the unvaccinated.

In what universe does that make sense?

Meanwhile, in India, they’re using other early treatments and having much better results than we are.

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The Biden Regime, Big Media talking heads, so-called experts, and Big Pharma all know these things. Yet, they continue to push for just about everyone to take the experimental jab regardless of prior infection, antibodies, underlying conditions, concerns about potential adverse reactions (including death), or any other reason.

Ask yourself why? Who benefits the most from the narrative they’re pushing? FOLLOW THE MONEY



“Okay, so the disease’s certainly spreading faster. Delta is a wildfire. The disease is a wildfire, and Delta will continue to spread fast. But if we are willing to intervene with other treatments, we can stop it. So, like with Ivermectin, for example, look at Uttar Pradesh in northern India right now. 240 million people Delta burn through. They did Ivermectin early. Right now, as of the end of August, they had 23 new cases a day. Look at America right now. You know, one-quarter of India’s population, and we have hundreds of 1,000s of cases per day. They’re using something cheap and easy. Now, in my practice of the patients I’ve treated, you know, from a young age up to 90 years old, you know, half of those with comorbidities. Of the ones I’ve treated. This is how many have gone to the hospital. That many. Zero. Absolutely zero. My colleague Dr. Tyson 6000 patients if you treat early within the first week, ivermectin, hydroxychloroquine… There are so many of these protocols. You know, many of my colleagues have slight variations on these, but they tend to overlap, and I know Dr. Malone will be working on that with the groups in Italy. But one of my colleagues, 6,000 patients treated, in day one to seven how many of his patients went to the hospital and died? Zero. So you know, these are supposedly anecdotal case series. But in medicine, when you have a handful of cases, it becomes case reports in these big journals. If we report these successes, we don’t get them published even if we try. They don’t want people to know that there’s something cheap and easy to work our way out of this. We don’t have a pandemic of the unvaccinated. We have a pandemic of under-treatment, under early treatment. That’s what we have a pandemic of is a will to treat.” – Dr. Ryan Cole


The people are getting hip to the con.

Here’s what they’re saying about this…

“Doctors in the US have discredited themselves by showing everyone they’re controlled by Big Pharma. So disgusting.”

“You mean New World Order can be stopped because that is what Covid-19 agenda is all about NWO RESET.”

“In Florida, our governor is opening clinics to treat covid with the drugs that work, but the idiots in dc refuse to admit work.”

“We have a pandemic of EVIL!”

“IVERMECTIN DOES WORK!!! look at Africa!!!”

“Further evidence this has never been about covid-it has been about control from day 1. This is a planned scamdemic, and no cure can be allowed because fear is enabling tyrannical control.”

“We really don’t have to keep pretending they want to keep us alive right? Please tell me we’re past that.”

“There really are no words to describe the ignorance around covid but to say first time a disease treated by politicians and bureaucrats instead of doctors…”

“The U.S. has nothing but ds globalist criminals pushing the same b.s. as in Europe. I am not complying with these sick criminal traitors. Yes, they have hidden cures for many diseases for decades.”

“Demonrats $uck up everything & corrupt everything they touch. People need to wake up & Stand up, or this BS will never end and only get worse. Just look at Australia. The problem is millions on the left are so gullible & brainwashed, and this is why Democrats get away with so much.”

“I’ve worked in the medical field as a medical laboratory technician in different settings, and I can assure you that medical Drs are compensated by big pharmaceutical companies every time a prescription is written, and the transaction is completed at the pharmacies(especially the type of medications that cost more or are “new”) I remember how the representatives from different pharma companies brought lunch and deserts to the office every time they filled the fridges and cabinets with free samples(you sure like those free samples right?).”

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