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Creepy Joe Biden AVOIDS Reporters When Asked If His Vaccine Mandate Is Constitutional? [VIDEO]

The Biden Administration should no longer be referred to as such.

It’s the Biden Regime as they’re no longer operating by the consent of the governed.


They’re acting as if they are rulers of livestock and attempting to coerce and force people into a medical procedure.

What we are all witnessing is medical tyranny.

The Biden Regime knows they go against the Constitution of The United States, they just don’t care.

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“We have the tools. Now we just have to finish the job with truth, with science, with confidence, and together as one nation. Look we’re the United States of America, there’s nothing, not a single thing we’re unable to do if we do it together. So let’s stay together. God bless you all and all those who continue to serve on the frontlines of this pandemic and may God protect our troops. (Creepily whispers) Get vaccinated. (Slams podium and walks away without taking a single question, AGAIN) – Creepy Joe Biden

While Creepy Joe was walking away from reporters again, one of them asked “Is this constitutional?”

Creepy Joe didn’t flinch and kept walking away. At this point, walking away and turning his back on America and Americans is a pattern.

Words are meaningless when not backed up by actions. Joe’s actions have turned into a pattern of America Last.

Joe is not an elected President. He’s now officially a dictator of a tyrannical regime.


More and more people are waking up to this as evidenced by what they’re saying online…

“This pathetic excuse for a human must be removed and charged with treason as well as the entire administration. Where are the charges on Fauci?

“Let’s stay together and get him the hell out of office!!!!”

“Sorry Joe you’re trying to be a dictator and it ain’t going to work”

“We have officially turned into a Dictatorship. Thank you Biden supporters.”

“Not only is it not Constitutional, it’s against international law to force medications on people without informed consent. With all criticisms of the jabs being suppressed by the MSM and big tech companies, it’s impossible to be informed on this.”

“First off he can’t mandate State’s to do anything so he may want to take his mouth off Obama’s Twinkie and realize he’s screwed! Businesses don’t have to listen to him either. Hey, Biden your Optics are flailing on this Psyop Operation.”

“Well, actually here’s one thing you couldn’t do as a “nation” you couldn’t rescue the American hostages behind enemy lines in Afghanistan. So, once again, you have no concept of reality.”

“I’ve never disrespected the office of the president of this country until now. You disgust me, Joe. F You and ALL of your BS. F you Joe!!!! Remember my body, my choice? F you!!! stick your syringe of BS up your A**!!!”

“This is pure Madness, from a person who left Americans behind in Afghanistan and saying the hell with our borders”

“No, it is not constitutional. I think Biden just declared Martial Law. Getting governors out of the way. Using military against American people. Forcing private corporations to vaccinate their employees. Injecting American people’s bodies with substance they don’t approve of. This sounds like a declaration of Martial Law to me.”

“I’m sorry – have I missed something? Nobody in authority is “following the science”. I’ve been following the science and it says the “vaccine is crap”, it is not the be-all-end-all that they think it is. Yes, it may keep people out of the hospital but it doesn’t keep anyone from catching or transmitting the virus. As a rule, a vaccine takes 8-10 years before being FDA approved and I’m not going to take this, as I had the virus in late 2019. The BEST thing about the current spike is that more people are going to have natural immunity, which apparently, isn’t recognized by the “science”. Give me ivermectin or give me death!”

“Fking moron !! Fk u fake president”

“It’s absolutely NOT constitutional. Biden is not even a duly elected President much less an all-powerful dictator. F$ck him, his vaccines, and his masks!!!! Let the lawsuits begin!”

“Protecting vaccinated people from unvaccinated people? Wonder how many useful idiots found nothing wrong with that statement?”

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