Milwaukee City Councilwoman Chantia Lewis, a Democrat who is currently running for the Senate seat occupied by Ron Johnson (R-WI), was hit with four felony charges on Tuesday for allegedly stealing $21,000 from her own campaign and lying about it.

The Hill reported that Lewis had been accused of using campaign funds to travel to Florida for a worship conference, go on other family trips, and pay tuition for bible college. On top of that, she allegedly used the money to pay her credit card bills and make car payments.


The criminal complaint also accused Lewis of making twenty inappropriate ATM cash withdrawals totaling more than $5,000 from her campaign money between 2016 and 2020.

“She misappropriated funds belonging to her campaign by depositing campaign contributions into her personal bank accounts, as well as using campaign funds to pay for personal expenses,” the complaint stated.

“Lewis further falsely represented to the City of Milwaukee that she was owed reimbursement for expenses incurred on City-travel, when in fact she paid for those expenses out of her campaign account,” it added.


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After Lewis was charged, Common Council President Cavalier Johnson immediately removed her from “all committee assignment duties,” explaining that he felt like this move was necessary “to protect the institution of the Milwaukee Common Council as well as the City of Milwaukee.”

Lewis fired back at the charges by claiming that she was innocent.

“We will make the necessary corrections. But make no mistake, I am innocent of any criminal wrongdoing,” Lewis said in the statement. “As a first-time candidate in 2016, and like many first-time grassroot candidates, I self-funded much of my campaign.”

“My campaign was run by my family and a team of amazing supporters,” she added. “We did our very best to run a positive and compliant campaign. I am confident that once this is over, I will be absolved.”

Jason D. Luczak, the attorney representing Lewis, told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel that his client is not guilty and would be filing to dismiss the charges before the councilwoman is set to appear in court at the end of this month. The most serious charge that Lewis is facing is the embezzlement charge, which could land her in prison for up to ten years and force her to pay a $250,000 fine.


Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett (D) spoke out on Tuesday to say that he had not had time to look into the complaint.

“Any time you’re talking about public trust, I take that very, very seriously and am very concerned about that,” he said. “I’m also, I think as we all recognize, well aware of the fact that individuals are presumed innocent until proven guilty. So what I want to do is I want to take a look at the complaint and then decide what steps to take after that.”

Lewis announced that she was running for Senate in July despite learning that prosecutors were investigating her five months earlier.

“We need a U.S. Senator who will fight to protect our democracy, fight for working families, and value all people,” she said when she launched her candidacy. “Perhaps, a woman like me, a mom, a vet, a fighter. I’m fighting for everybody who’s been told they can’t. Those who have been shut out from obtaining the American dream. It’s time for our voices to be heard.”

It seems that yet another criminally crooked Democrat has been exposed! This goes to show once again that Democrats really are the morally bankrupt party.

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