Joe Biden is on the verge of imposing medical tyranny upon federal employees with a vaccine mandate.

Ron DeSantis is doing the opposite and saying it’s the individual’s choice.



“And at the end of the day, my philosophy is, as governor, my job is to protect your individual freedom. My job is not to protect corporate freedom. That is not what I’m here for. I mean, we have a good business climate. We have everything. But this idea that businesses can just do whatever they want and invade your privacy and doing all that. No, I’m not signing up for that. I’m signing up for protecting your freedom and making sure we have a society in Florida where people can make the best decisions for themselves and for their families, and that’s what we’re doing by protecting against these mandates and making sure that that’s done based on what people believe is best for them and their families but not something that’s imposed, either by government or in some respects, in some instances, by very, very powerful private entities.” – Ron DeSantis


Are Vaccine Passports a Good Idea?

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The difference between Joe Biden and Ron DeSantis couldn’t be more drastic.

Ron DeSantis is for the people he represents, and Joe Biden represents government overreach and The Establishment.

The people will rise…

“How can this not end in a civil war???”

“So glad to see early treatment getting the attention it deserves. I received such and recovered quickly with no hospital stay required.”

“Can you please be my Governor? Better yet-my President??”

“The secret of private life, including his correspondence, is above all political freedoms. Alexander Pushkin. Also considered Thomas Jefferson – the author of the US Declaration of Independence. Two people two hundred years ago understood more about Freedom than modern people!”

“In a sea of weak, corrupt, worthless Republicans, DeSantis is a true leader who gives me hope. It should be so easy for GOP to follow his lead. Instead, they sit on their hands.”

“Thank god for DeSantis! More governors need to stand up and speak out on the tyranny.”

“He’s is absolutely correct. It’s the individuals’ responsibility to guard their health. Governments only responsibility is to allow a path so you can.”

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