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Disgraced Governor Andrew Cuomo Promotes Piece Calling His Resignation A “Coup”

Although the time Andrew Cuomo spent as the New York Governor has finally come to an end, it appears the former Democratic superstar isn’t done soaking in the media’s attention. Given that the disgraced Governor is being accused of sexual harassment by close to a dozen women, one would think Cuomo would remain silent. But now that he has nothing else to lose, apparently, Cuomo is promoting the idea that the scandal and his resignation were nothing more than a “coup.” 



While the editorial piece, which defends Cuomo, wasn’t written by the former Governor, he does endorse it. Written by lifelong Democrat David Pikus, the article appeared in the Wednesday edition of Newsday and presented a theory with the caption “This was politics. Every step of the way.”

Sold to the belief that Cuomo is innocent, Pikus writes that he was “appalled by the Albany coup d’êtat in which Andrew Cuomo’s political rivals trampled the rights of the electorate and basic due process for their own political gain.” He also blames cancel culture, not Cuomo, for the Governor resigning. He added, “the ‘cancel culture’ mentality supplanted governmental process and fairness, all politically orchestrated.”

And even though the Attorney General confirmed that Cuomo had sexually harassed 11 women, Pikus insisted, “There is a major difference between what an individual may find personally ‘offensive’ or ‘insensitive’ and what is ‘illegal.’ The James report drew no such distinction. As Democrats, we support the right of sexual harassment victims to come forward. But it need not be at the expense of sacred constitutional rights designed to protect all citizens, individually and collectively, against the seizure of political power from a duly elected leader.”

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With Cuomo himself backing the article, hoping his resurgence into the spotlight will be quick, Pikus finished the piece with, “In the long run, we all should be frightened by the notion that our leaders can be driven out by an insular group of politicians subverting the will of the voters. Elections matter.”