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“Do NOT Allow Them to Inject Your Children”, BioTech Analyst Issues Chilling Warning

Well, you obviously knew it wasn’t going to stop with the dangerous injections being called “Covid-19 vaccines”, no matter how many boosters they try to push out. They say the mRNA technology in these shots could be used to create vaccines for diseases that never had them before. Diseases like cancer, HIV, you name it. And once those vaccines exist, mandates are sure to come in their wake, even though we’re still finding out new things almost every day about this deadly concoction that they’re still trying to force into every arm they can find, willing or unwilling.

Karen Kingston is a pharmaceutical and medical device analyst. She knows how the FDA process works, and the FDA process that was used for the supposedly newly-approved Pfizer vaccine disturbs her. Right now, you and everybody else can read the FDA’s approval letter and supplemental materials online. That’s your right as a U.S. citizen. But you can’t read everything in the letters. A lot of it has been redacted by the FDA. What are the mRNA ingredients of the vaccine? You can’t see them right now, and according to Kingston, the stated mRNA in the vaccine has been changed multiple times. 

Not only that, but the new “Comirnaty” version of the vaccine, the one that is supposed to be in production from now on, doesn’t even have all its production facilities known to the public. Two of the seven are redacted from public view, and we want to know why. Kingston joined Stew on the show to discuss.

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