In New York, they’re in a state of emergency right now. Is it because Covid cases are flooding the state’s hospitals, spilling out into the hallways, as people are dying in droves? Nope. Hasn’t happened anywhere. New York does have a hospital problem though. The governor just fired, by decree, every unvaccinated hospital employee, and it looks like thousands, maybe tens of thousands of workers quit rather than submit. So now the governor is expected to call up the National Guard to staff the hospitals instead.

So keep that in mind: Covid-19 literally never caused a collapse of the healthcare system, anywhere. But New York just engineered a collapse all on its own. That’s how it’s always been. It isn’t Covid that wrecked our economy or obliterated our freedoms. It’s our absurd overreaction. This isn’t a health calamity. It’s a government calamity.

And never mind the fact that military soldiers will now be injecting you and your family with shots. Because that’s normal

Meanwhile, in Mississippi, Dr. Wesley Granger has been practicing medicine for more than thirty years, and now he’s become the face of the anti-forced vaccination movement there. Literally: He’s put his face on a billboard there, protesting against vax mandates.

In a recent interview with a local news source, Granger said that, quote, “It is a God-given right to control what goes into our bodies and if we can’t, then we are no longer free.”

Dr. Granger says that in 32 years of medicine, he’s never seen such a sudden surge of heart attacks, strokes, and neurological issues from patients who never showed any problems or risk factors beforehand.

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For saying that, and for voicing his opinion on the vaccine publicly, Granger and his fellow doctors are getting menaced by the state’s medical licensing board, which is warning that spreading “misinformation” about Covid-19 could cost doctors their licenses.

But Dr. Granger isn’t backing off from his beliefs, and instead, he’s lobbying his state’s governor and legislature to protect citizens from vaxx mandates, whether they’re local or handed down from the president.

Dr. Granger joined Stew to discuss.

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