More and more doctors are speaking out against all of these tyrannical and unscientific mask and vaccine mandates.

It’s up to We The People to spread these messages of truth far and wide to overcome the ‘official’ narrative amplification of Big Media and the censorship of truth by Big Tech.




“My name is Dr. Kevin Stillwagon. I am a property owner and a taxpayer in Orange County. You are making some really bad decisions based on fear of a virus that has about a 99% survival rate for most of us. That is unsubstantiated fear.

So let me give you a couple of things to truly be fearful about. That mask that you keep insisting that people wear decreases the amount of oxygen in your lung tissue. We now know that this virus uses something called a Furin cleavage site to merge with your lung tissue to infect you, and it works better with decreased oxygen. And peer-reviewed research clearly shows that wearing a mask increases your chances of developing an upper respiratory infection 13 times more than a person not wearing a mask. So I would stop wearing a mask immediately if I were you. Secondly, this shot that you insist on people getting gives you absolutely no protection against infection. It is the innate immune system that protects you from infection by using dendritic cells, T cells, and natural killer cells without antibodies ever becoming involved.

This shot has one goal, and that goal is to make antibodies. These antibodies circulate inside of you and cannot prevent an infection. They can only react to something that has already gotten inside of you. They cannot keep something out. The shot decreases the ability of your innate immune system to keep viruses out by 60%. And a booster shot will reduce it even more. Even worse, the antibodies that are created by this shot can no longer neutralize variants and actually enhance the virus’s ability to infect you. It should be painfully obvious to you by now that fully vaccinated people are getting sick. And this will continue to get worse if you keep trying to jab people while a virus is trying to spread. The variants are emerging from the vaccinated population. This so-called vaccine is still being administered on what’s called an emergency use authorization. It is not FDA-approved. The FDA approved a biological licensing application for a product called Comirnaty. The application was approved, not the product. Comirnaty is not available in the United States. Therefore, by law, you cannot force people to take this drug without informed consent and without animal trials to prove that it is safe.

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Mayor Demings, please look at me. You, sir, are in violation of the United States Constitution and the Nuremberg Code. You will be held accountable. Good day.” – Dr. Kevin Stillwagon


We’ve been hearing many more doctors, physicians, scientists, healthcare workers (and more) speaking out on all of this.

But it’s not just those types of folks. Other everyday regular people are seeing through the bulls**t.

Here’s what some of them are saying…

“He’s spot on, but our leaders could care less about breaking the law. They only want to inflict rules on us in order to break us down. Then comes Socialism.”

“Ty for standing up for what’s right and the truth!”

“Thank God for this man! We need more in the know to come forward and speak the truth!”

“Please share the truth will most likely be removed. I applaud these Drs that stand up to inform people of the truth. Thank you.”

“The Mayor didn’t care one bit… such a sell-out…”

“He said it loud and clear! How many sheeple will still get the 3rd shot?”

“We are being herded like animals to bow to our evil government. Stand your ground.”

“Unfortunately, we still have employers, especially in health care that mandate that shot it sure puts people between a rock and a hard spot.”

“Good for him to stand up and speak the truth. We must all stand up to the idiots and remember who we are. We are We the People, and when we unite, we have the authority to see to the firing of the idiots.”