Democrat leaders all over the country have spent the past year trying to force as many people as they can to get vaccinated against COVID-19. In order to make this happen, they’ve teamed up with the leftist media to try and silence anyone who dares to question what’s actually in the vaccines, to begin with.

That’s why Dr. Carrie Madej can be described as the leftwing establishment’s worst nightmare. She’s one of the few people who has actually had the chance to examine what’s really in the vaccine vials that are being forced into the arms of millions of people, and she told our very own Stew Peters yesterday that she was nothing short of horrified by what she saw.


Back in July, Madej was brought in by a lab in Georgia to examine a vial of the Moderna vaccine. After placing it on a glass slide and waiting two hours before observing it under a microscope, Madej was horrified to see that “colors appeared which I’ve never seen anything like…There wasn’t a chemical reaction happening. It was a brilliant blue and royal purple and a yellow and sometimes green. And so there were these colors appearing,  I did not know what that was.”

After examining the specimen further, Madej found that there were “metallic fragments” in there the likes of which she said she was not used to seeing. As she continued to look at the slide, her findings only got more disturbing.

“And then there was one particular…object or organism…that had tentacles coming from it and it was able to lift itself up off the glass slide,” she stated, at which time a stunned Peters asked if what she was seeing was alive.


“Yeah, it appeared to have be self-aware or be able to grow or move in space,” Madej ominously replied, adding that it was nothing like anything she’s seen in her medical career. When Madej was able to study more vaccine vials, she was horrified to see the same phenomenon take place. She even saw similar things happen when she looked at a vial of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine.

“These injections they’re falsely calling vaccines, what are they going to do to somebody? What are they going to do to a child?” she said. “I started crying when I saw these…the second time under the microscope because it was confirmation of everything I saw the first time.”

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As for whether or not people should get vaccinated, Madej urged the public to think carefully before doing so.

“Don’t go and make a rush to a decision that you could regret. Something’s not right in the world,” she said. “I think we all know that right now. And to me, it’s definitely on the level of spiritual warfare, looking at it under the microscope.”

Madej later lamented that “the people in charge aren’t very trustworthy at all, they’ve lied many times to us. The manufacturers have lied many times to us, so this is the time that we don’t take this anymore.”


Madej concluded by calling for action to be taken.

“We don’t take this kind of oppression and suppression, we’re better than that. We are children of God…I for one will not stand for it,” she continued.

“It’s awful. It’s horrific,” Peters said. “I can understand why you cried.”

With vaccine mandates happening left and right in this country, Americans everywhere deserve to know the truth about what exactly is in these vaccines. Find out more about Madej saw when she examined these vials by watching her full interview with Peters here.