SCOTTSDALE, AZ – On Friday, September 17, a friend of mine, Jessica, and I were discussing the nation’s current state, specifically regarding the COVID-19 vaccination mandates. Neither of us, nor our husbands, feel comfortable receiving that particular vaccine at this time, and both of our husbands risk losing their law enforcement careers in the near future as a result of the mandates.

Jessica recently got a job, and she was made to feel like either an idiot or a heartless jerk with the forms she had to fill out to request her exemption. Then, as if the wording on the form wasn’t demeaning enough, she had to watch a series of videos to make extra sure that she really did want to make the worst mistake of her life (according to the employer).


So there we were, sitting on her couch discussing how in the world we came to a place in our nation where some of our “leaders” thought it was ok to not only force an experimental vaccination on the majority of the populous but then to deny those who declined to participate in said experiment their livelihoods, careers, and even unemployment benefits should they be separated from their jobs.

We started to discuss other vaccines, mainly the flu vaccine, and how many times we had received it, and how effective it was (or was not) when we did get it.

“I’m almost afraid to get the flu shot this year,” Jessica said. “I’m scared they’re going to start tricking people who didn’t get their COVID shot and giving it to them without their permission.”

It’s almost like she can see into the future.

In Scottsdale, Arizona, that exact thing happened, although it’s being called a “mistake.”

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A girl named Savana Courtland shared on her Instagram page that she went to her local Walgreens this week to get her flu shot. She left with the nurse telling her she had to come back for the second dose in 21 days. She looked down at her card and saw that she had actually received a COVID-19 vaccine.

When she went to talk to the nurse, she was told, “Sorry, we’re super busy,” and “Things like this happen sometimes.”

Courtland said that she was repeatedly told, “We all make mistakes.”

This is not an acceptable answer. She didn’t give her the wrong order at McDonald’s; she injected the wrong mix of chemicals, and Lord knows what else into her body. On “accident.”

In her Instagram post, Courtland said, “I want to share this story to prevent this from happening to other people. I feel like my rights have been violated.

“Nurses can’t just go around injecting people with the wrong shot. I never gave consent for the COVID-19 vaccine to be injected into my body. Regardless of one’s position on this vaccine, I would hope that we can all agree that having something injected into your body should be your CHOICE. Please share this story to help prevent this from happening to others.”

Many people in her comments are encouraging her to sue.

Courtland shared her paperwork asking for the flu shot and no “additional interested vaccine(s)” with the Gateway Pundit.

She told them, “I personally did not feel comfortable with getting the vaccine due to the lack of research behind it and potential side effects that some people are experiencing. I’m passionate about health and fitness and believe that I can stay safe by prioritizing exercise, hygiene, and a healthy diet.”


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