The goalposts keep moving and every move just ‘coincidentally’ makes Big Pharma more and more money and more and more powerful.

When does it end?



Media Hack: The vaccine works against it or unsure at this point?

So Called Expert Guy: Well, we don’t know for the C12, we don’t know. Right now vaccines do work, but obviously, they work against hospitalizations and deaths really well, before just casual breakthrough mild infections with Delta has taught us that there’s a lot more breakthroughs than we know. And that after six months, it does tend to wane a little bit. And hence, Israel is going for third booster shots. Starting October 1st, unless you’re triple vaxxed, you’re not considered fully vaxxed. In that approach, as much as a sucks, is the reality that with the face of these new variants, this is why the sooner we end it, the sooner we can stop dealing with these upgrade, software upgrade patches that we have to do with our vaccines.

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Just take the damn vaccine so we can get our freedom back they said.

Oh wait, take another experimental jab… you know, because the first two worked so well, you just need more.

Probably going to be an annual thing. Oh wait, maybe in 8 months.

Just kidding, more like 6 months.

A few moments later… it’s 5 months now.

If you think this is the end of it, you haven’t been paying attention…

In this next video they’re talking about people also having to to take 2 Pfizer pills a day…


All of this for a virus manufactured in China?

All of this for a virus that the majority of the population has about a 99% chance of surviving, especially if you’re not obese or have other underlying conditions?

FOLLOW THE MONEY… who benefits the most from all of this?

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I tried to warn people a few months ago…

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