As the mainstream fake news media runs hit piece after hit piece against the Nobel Prize winning drug Ivermectin, real doctors and truth tellers are debunking them in real time.

The vaccine narratives are crumbling as we speak and the evidence is mounting.



Dan Ball: You see what they do? Did you notice all those talking points were identical with three different networks? What do they say? A horse drug? It’s for horses. It’s for pets. Fearmongering you to (not) take anything else but their vaccine. Well, joining me right now is a Dr. I’m sure you recognize, we’ve had on the show before. Dr. Peter McCullough, who we’re going to talk a little bit about this new fearmongering of Ivermectin, and Doc, welcome back to the program. This reminds me of circa May 2020 and for about two or three months, all the mainstream media did after Donald J. Trump stood up there and talked about hydroxychloroquine is say it was horrible, it’s bad, don’t use it. And now there’s reports a year later that it’s working, that there are benefits, and the media is not even talking about hydroxy they’ve now jumped on Ivermectin. Can you please, for our viewers explain that there is a medical grade for humans and a animal grade? There’s difference in Ivermectin, right?

Dr. Peter McCullough: So, Ivermectin, is, you know, a human drug. It’s used and approved for treatment of scabies and other parasitic infections. But it’s been found in COVID-19, that have brought blocks nuclear entry of the virus into the human nucleus, as well as helps block some of the effects of the spike protein, and are 69 supportive studies. 31 randomized trials, all showing when used early in combination with other drugs, reduces the severity of disease and importantly, reduces mortality. Ivermectin supported in guidance documents by the Association of American physicians, surgeons, frontline critical care Consortium, American Frontline Doctors and the truth for health organizations. So Ivermectin has strong support. And, you know, it’s disappointing to see misinformation coming from the media and other government sources.

Dan Ball: But Doc, you and I are the misinformation, I saw some articles today. They quoted you and I from a few weeks back or months back talking about this and other stuff, and saying, we’re spreading the misinformation. Well, I’m sorry, I’m gonna throw it at the mainstream media and say they’ve got blood on their hands. If we have different drugs that we could be using and therapeutics that are going to either kick COVID in the butt, reduce the symptoms, instead of taking an experimental vaccine, which doesn’t even follow the guidelines of a true vaccine. What’s wrong with that? And oh, by the way, didn’t I see that Ivermectin or something in 2015. And the doctor that figured out what it would work for something, won a Nobel Peace Prize? Can you explain that to me, by the way?


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Dr. Peter McCullough: Sure. It’s a very safe medicine. And we saw this with hydroxychloroquine last year. You know, the calls to the call the Poison Control Center are largely dose clarification doses. With Ivermectin it’s appropriately dose by weight, either .2, .3, or .6 micrograms per kilogram, or milligrams per kilogram, so we actually do weight based dosing. So people call the Poison Control Center to just clarify. That’s natural. Americans should demand Ivermectin as part of a sequence, multi drug therapy for COVID-19. The FDA and the CDC are not treatment organizations, they actually don’t have any treatment recommendations for Americans. They need to go to the societies that I’ve mentioned, that are actively recommending treatment for Americans.

Dan Ball: You know, and there’s only been, so folks know, by the way, when you watch the mainstream media, and they say, there’s, you know, tons of Americans taking this and getting sick or dying or whatever they’re lying to people about. That’s because doctors are afraid to and I’m sure you can talk more about this, to prescribe it if they work at certain clinics or certain groups, right? The big medical firms, they won’t prescribe it. So yes, there has been a couple of Americans who maybe have went to a feed store and got the horse version. So let me just throw it out there doc, if you’re watching the program, we’re not telling you to go to the feed store and get Ivermectin. Consult your doctor. They’ll get you the human form and the right size amount, like the doctor said, and it will be fine. Did I get that right? Because I know what they’re going to do with this clip because you and I are talking about this.

Dr. Peter McCullough: Right so that dosing is weight based, they can always refer to my seminal publications, December of 2020, and reviews in cardiovascular medicine. Ivermectin just like Joe Rogan got, he got sequence, multi drug therapy, he got the state of the art therapy that I published in a peer reviewed literature and I told the world that’s the way it should be done. And look at his outcome. Dan, you can’t beat it. drugs in combination treat COVID-19 keep people out of the hospital and save lives.

Dan Ball: My final question to you is I’d like your input. And again, this is going to be just what you think. So two senior leaders just stepped down from the FDA, as they’re pushing for booster shots and to give the Vax to kids under 13. I have heard and there’s been some things online that have said these two officials resigned specifically over the kid issue because they don’t feel it’s safe. What have you heard about these if anything to officials resigning? Because it kind of makes sense to me with the timing. I mean, I know the one lady had been there for 17, 18 years. So why would these two, there they are right there, why would these two health care professionals Marian Gruber and Phil Kraus had been there forever The deputy director and the director of the FDA his office of vaccines, why would they walk out?

Dr. Peter McCullough: Well, you know, government officials and other medical authorities always have to pick the time of their exit and it’s very alarming that they would choose to exit exit during a big issue of regulatory activity approval of vaccines. Dr. Gruber signed the approval letter to BioNTech for the Comirnaty vaccine. You know, the Pfizer vaccine was not approved, that we just had an extension of EUA but Gruber’s the one who signed the conditional approval for Comirnaty , which is a lot more study for Myocarditis. But why officials would leave right in the middle of a series of regulatory approvals? These personnel are important to America because they know their briefing booklets. So for them to leave at an unfortunate time really makes me concerned.

Dan Ball: Yeah. What’s the old phrase something stinks in Denmark? I think they know something’s not right. Why would they walk? Dr. Peter McCullough, thank you always for your expertise and your honesty. I know you’re getting back to work. Take care. Thank you.


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