The company Lyft has reportedly permanently suspended a driver who has been working for them for nearly a decade simply because he dared to listen to the “racist” former Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke on the radio last week.

It all started last Thursday night, when Clarke guest-hosted WISN’s “The Mark Belling Late Afternoon Show.” Lyft driver Ryan Alexander decided to tune in, but things went off the rails when a passenger riding in his vehicle from 6:28 pm to 6:34 pm became irate as she listened to Clarke’s views on Black Lives Matter.


“If Black lives mattered, if this Marxist movement truly cared about Black life, they would be every single day protesting in front of abortion clinics all across America that kill more Black babies than any other demographic,” Clarke argued during the show. “That is a fact.”

“In 2014 in New York City, more Black babies were aborted than were born for heaven’s sakes, so don’t tell me that Black lives matter,” he added. “When 83 percent of the homicide victims are Black and 83 percent of the perpetrators are Black, don’t tell me that Black lives matter because they didn’t get the memo apparently.”

Alexander recalled that the female passenger became so angry that she called the former sheriff  “trash,” “slammed the door to my car when she got out, and specifically referenced abortion which Clarke did talk about briefly while she was in the car.”

Alexander continued driving for Lyft that night, thinking he could put the incident behind him. It wasn’t until the next evening that he found that his Lyft account had been suspended. On Saturday morning, an employee for Lyft reportedly notified Alexander that he had been fired for being “racist.”


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“This happened Saturday morning when I got a call from a Lyft employee named Sebastian who told me they had gotten a complaint that I was listening to racist talk radio,” Alexander recalled. “The complaint specifically cited the host had mentioned abortion rates in the Black community, and that African-American communities were the problem in the country.”

Alexander fought back by telling the Lyft employee that Clarke had not said anything racist during the show.

“I told him that it was simply untrue, I was listening to a local news talk station and the host said nothing that was remotely racist,” Alexander continued. “Immediately after this, maybe two minutes into the conversation, I was given the final decision that my account would be permanently deactivated.”

“As I tried to get clarification on why it quickly became obvious that that decision had been made prior to talking to me and that the phone call was simply a formality,” he asserted. “I made repeated attempts over probably the next 10 minutes to get some explanation on how Lyft arrived at this decision but was simply told that the customer service rep, Sebastian, would not engage in any discussion or debate and that the decision was final.”


“The only other thing that they would add is that they had gotten one previous complaint about the radio,” Alexander stated. “Again, this was over the course of 11,000 trips and the two complaints were enough to justify a permanent ban. The prior complaint was too vague for me to know exactly what it was in reference to. But since I primarily listen to WISN while driving.”

Alexander later received a warning from Lyft which read, “Safety is our top priority here and we take these matters seriously. In accordance with our Terms of Service, your account will stay deactivated and you won’t be able to re-apply with a new account.”

WISN host Chris O’Donnell has since contacted Lyft directly asking for clarification

“Is Mr. Alexander’s account accurate?” O’Donnell asked the company. “Does Lyft consider mainstream conservative talk radio programming to be racist in nature? Does Lyft support the termination of driver accounts simply for listening to mainstream conservative talk radio programming?”

“Is listening to mainstream conservative talk radio programming somehow against Lyft’s terms of service?” he continued. “Does Lyft have a comment on Mr. Alexander’s allegations?”


Had Alexander been listening to one of the many anti-Donald Trump radio stations that are out there, it’s extremely unlikely that he would have been met with any repercussions from Lyft. It’s ironic that liberals claim to be the free-thinking party that is open to anything, yet they are intent on silencing anyone expressing views that differ from their own.

The hypocrisy of the left never ceases to amaze.

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