No matter where you turn, there is either an ad, commercial, or billboard telling you about the importance of getting the COVID-19 vaccine. It is even difficult to get through a regular physical without the doctor listing the benefits and how deadly the coronavirus has become. But while nobody denies the existence of the virus, is the COVID-19 vaccine the best option when it comes to fighting the pandemic? According to Democrats and President Joe Biden, it is the best option we have, but Senator Ron Johnson doesn’t believe that to be the case as he presented evidence showing the vaccine isn’t helping much at all. 


Armed with nothing more than a chart and less than two minutes, Senator Johnson completely destroyed the narrative being pushed by every Democrat in the country. The idea that the vaccine is this miracle drug is quickly being questioned as health officials see more side effects surrounding the drug.

In the video below, Senator Johnson presents three points:

1.) The total coronavirus cases and deaths had dropped significantly before the vaccine was first introduced.

2.) The rate of vaccination surged early in 2021 and now stands around 60%.

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3.) Despite 60% of the population being vaccinated, the cases and deaths climbed again this summer.



Again, in just two minutes, Senator Johnson cripples the narrative that Dr. Anthony Fauci has spent over a year building. Even President Biden has spent the past nine months promoting the vaccine only to have Johnson say, “Our federal agencies have not been transparent. They have not given the American public information that we need to make an informed choice.”

Although the bombshell that the vaccine isn’t doing much to stop the spread of the virus is breaking news, no major news outlet picked up the story. Instead, they continued to focus on how the Democrats could barely keep the government open.