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Fake MAGA! Kevin McCarthy Desperate for Power, Latches to Trump

We’ve spoken to two Democrats turned Republicans so far today, but you all know that one of the biggest problems in the Republican Party is the opposite: People who are lifelong Republicans but don’t put America first and just see the base as a bunch of cattle to be manipulated.

And we have a remarkable example of this, courtesy of a left-wing source. Rolling Stone magazine has put out a lengthy, heavily-researched article detailing how Congressman Kevin McCarthy was given a “MAGA makeover” by donors and establishment party operatives to make him appealing to the Trump-loving base. Quote: “At a critical moment in McCarthy’s ascent, a network of swampy operatives mobilized in his defense and a mysterious dark-money group carpet-bombed the airwaves to position McCarthy as the heir apparent to lead the Trump-era Republican Party. And when you follow that money, you discover a campaign of deception that’s even phonier than McCarthy’s rebirth as a right-wing MAGA congressman.”

Lobbyists tied to the petroleum lobby and other traditional deep-pocketed business concerns funded a fake astroturfed conservative group named State Tea Party Express. The group popped up in 2018, ran a bunch of ads promoting McCarthy as an immigration hardliner, just long enough for McCarthy to fend off a GOP leadership challenge from Jim Jordan. Once Jordan was beaten, the group folded up shop and vanished. Mission accomplished. I have to say, thank you to Rolling Stone for doing the investigative reporting that Fox News, National Review, and all the other well-funded “conservative” outlets are too lazy or too corrupt to actually do.

Lauren Witzke is a former Senate candidate. She joined me to discuss this article.

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