Dr. Anthony Fauci stated recently during a White House press briefing on Thursday that he believed that a third shot of the vaccine would be likely in order to enjoy the “privileges of the freedoms,” that came with being fully vaccinated.

During the press briefing Fauci was asked if the United States would follow Israel’s example requiring a third dose of the vaccine in order to be considered fully vaccinated.


“You mentioned the studies in Israel. We’ve seen the Israeli government require people to get a third dose of the vaccine to be considered fully vaccinated. They’re — do you expect a similar change the United States that — you know, that if the third dose after that eight-month waiting period will be required to be, quote, unquote, ‘considered fully vaccinated’ and enjoy the privileges of the freedoms that that provides?” – Zeke Miller, Associated Press

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“The determination whether something is now — constitute ‘fully vaccinated,’ I will leave that up to the FDA when they get the data on the three doses to make that determination — and then, ultimately, a recommendation from the ACIP to the CDC so that it’s recommended.”
“But I must say from my own experience as an immunologist, I would not at all be surprised that the adequate, full regimen for vaccination will likely be three doses. And the reason I say that is that it is very clear, when you give a prime and maybe a second shot as a boost — but give the immune system enough chance to mature, in both affinity maturation and maturation of the B cell repertoire, it is entirely understandable why the results that I’ve just reported from the Israeli boosters are so dramatic.” – DR. Anthony Fauci

While Fauci believes that a third dose of the vaccine will be necessary to be considered fully vaccinated he stated that he will leave the decision up to the Food and Drug Administration.

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“And we all hope — and I believe we have good reason to believe — that that only will not be a strong response, but that it will actually be durable. And if it is durable, then you’re going to have — very likely — a three-dose regimen being the routine regimen. But we’ll just have to wait to make sure that that’s the case when the data get presented to the FDA.” – Dr. Anthony Fauci


So now Americans are looking at the possibility of having to get three doses of the vaccine in order to be considered fully vaccinated. At the same time there remains so many uncertainties about the vaccine and the possible side effects of getting it. After the third dose is recommended how long until Americans are told they need a fourth dose?

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