During a new interview this week, White House Chief Medical Adviser Dr. Anthony Fauci defended the NIH funding research that went to the Wuhan Institute Virology, saying that his “only regret is that what it has caused right now is such a degree of distraction” from fighting COVID-19.

“There were two grants from the National Institutes of Health into investigatory work in the field in the Wuhan Institute of Virology and another institution there,” said CBS “The Takeout” podcast host Major Garrett. “Have you run to ground what those did or didn’t do in terms of creating an atmosphere in which a leak could have occurred or might have occurred?”


“Well, the grants that [were] funded were to do surveillance in the environment to ask and answer questions that I just mentioned, when you go out, do you see any viruses out there that could potentially evolve to infect humans and do you do surveillance among people in those areas in China to see if there’s any inkling that, under the radar screen, such viruses may have been circulating,” Fauci replied.

“In fact, one of the papers that came out from studies from that grant was extremely important in putting a definitive stamp of understanding of how the original SARS-CoV-1 was able to evolve,” he continued. “So, those were questions that got a high priority in peer review to do the research to try and understand that.”

“And to those who think there might be some type of scandal or something incorrect or ill-advised about those grants, what would you say, Dr. Fauci?” Garrett asked.

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“Well, what you do, Major, is you take a look at the viruses that [were] worked on under the auspices of that grant and what the grant was directed for,” Fauci said. “And you look at the publications that came from the research associated with that grant. The viruses that were worked within that environment, in that particular context of that grant could not possibly molecularly evolved into what we know now as SARS-CoV-2.””” “because when you look at how you can go from one virus and do something with it to get to be another, the viruses that the grant allowed the investigators, competent investigators to work with, molecularly, were so different than what ultimately came out to be SARS-CoV-2 that anyone that looks at those two viruses who knows anything about evolutionary virology will tell you that they’re so far apart that you couldn’t possibly have had it emerge into that particular virus,” “he continued.

When asked if he had any regrets about these grants, Fauci sickeningly replied, “ell, the only regret is that what it has caused right now is such a degree of distraction [from] trying to do what we really should be doing, is addressing the outbreak, and what we did, and did quite successfully, was to develop vaccines that have now been life-saving. TThat’swhat the job of myself and my team and my institute is, and, thankfully, we did that very successfully.”


Throughout this pandemic, Fauci has repeatedly shown that he is nothing more than a crook Here’sn’tHere’sn’t be trusted. Here’s hoping that he is held accountable for his corruption at some point in the future.