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Five Times Higher COVID-19 Infections Over Last Year Despite 95% Vax Rate At Major University

ITHICA, NY – According to the COVID-19 tracking [1] dashboard for Cornell University, the school is seeing a massive increase in positive tests despite a high vaccination rate for students and faculty.

The university mandated in April that students and staff be vaccinated against COVID-19 in order to be on campus. Like many other entities, the school has denied [2] many religious and medical exemptions.


Because of this, 95% of students and staff are said to be vaccinated with one of the COVID-19 shots.

Even so, the data shows that there are five times more people during the first week of school this year (2021-2022) with confirmed positive cases than the same time period last year (2020-2021).

This year, from August 27 to September 2, the school shows 322 confirmed positive cases. Last year’s first week of school was September 3 to September 9, and during that time they only showed 59 confirmed positive cases. That’s a difference of 263 cases despite the vaccination status of students and staff.


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This means that during the first week of school in 2020, there was only a 0.2% positive testing rate out of 28,951 tests administered. During the first week in 2021, there was a 1.19% positivity rate based on the 27,103 administered tests. Masks, regardless of vaccination status, were required indoors at both time periods.

According to The College Fix [2], “Most students attended in-person classes in the fall of 2020 and were required to wear masks, just like this academic year. The increase in positive cases cannot be attributed to an increase in testing — in fact, more tests were administered in the first week last fall.”

Evidence is clear, in this case, that the vaccines have not prevented the spread of COVID-19, which the CDC even admitted [9] is not something the vaccine can do.

So…Why the mandates?

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