I know we talk about this topic a lot, but it’s because this is the most important topic around. The coronavirus vaccine offensive is relentless and all-consuming. The powers that be absolutely will not rest until they’ve stuck a shot into every person they can, no matter how tyrannical they have to be, no matter how many rights they have to obliterate, and quite possibly, no matter how many lives they have to end.

Before we knew almost anything else about Covid-19, we knew this: Children are virtually immune to it. If they even spread the virus at all, they do so very little. None of our coronavirus interventions need to focus on children. It’s too intrusive and just not worthwhile.

But that is not enough for the vaccine cult. They need to inject children, not just their children, but your children too. They need it, deep down in their bones. This is a religious commitment, not a scientific one and not a medical one.

Last week, the FDA held a hearing on providing Booster shots to the elderly. It was quite the barnburner of a hearing. It went for more than eight hours, with people making comments just a couple of minutes at a time. But the most interesting comment was from entrepreneur Steve Kirsch. He’s made several hundred million dollars in Silicon Valley, so he’s certainly not some idiot. During his comments, which were restricted to just a few minutes, he asked several questions.

If the coronavirus vaccines are safe, he asked, why were there four times as many heart attacks in the initial treatment group as in the placebo? And why does VAERS suggest there are 71 times as many heart attacks after receiving this vaccine compared to any other vaccine on record? And if the coronavirus vaccines are safe, why does the Israeli ministry of health suggest that far more vaccinated people over ninety are dying than unvaccinated over ninety? And if the coronavirus vaccines are safe, Kirsch asks, why are there signs the initial Pfizer vaccine treatment group might have been gamed to improve the results? And if vaccines are so essential, Kirsch asks, why are cases in Israel as high as ever, while they have nearly vanished in India’s most populous state of Uttar Pradesh, despite almost none of the population being vaccinated there?

According to Kirsch, the number of excess deaths stemming from the coronavirus vaccines could be 411 deaths per million doses. With the number of doses we’ve doled out so far, that would be 150,000 excess deaths.

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But the FDA didn’t listen to Kirsch or any of the other health care professionals across this country who have seen alarming signs about what this vaccine can do to people. And now we’re going to be injecting it into our children, whom we already know with absolute certainty are at nearly zero risks from coronavirus. They’re at so little risk from the virus that, even ignoring the risk of the vaccine itself, you could justify not giving it to them to spare them the car trip to get the shot. Because believe me, more children are likely to die driving to the doctor’s office to get a shot than will die from coronavirus in this country.

Doctor Paul Alexander was Senior Covid advisor to President Trump. Since the end of the Trump Administration, he’s been warning that thousands upon thousands of children could be harmed directly by having this vaccine forced into their arms. Dr. Alexander joined Stew on the show to discuss.

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