According to the Democrats, the war of terror is officially over. For over two decades, young men and women paid the ultimate price for freedom as they fought terrorism. But that war ended when President Joe Biden announced that he would be withdrawing troops from Afghanistan. In the weeks that followed, the evacuation efforts were crippled as the Taliban mysteriously rose to power once again. Threatening repercussions if the U.S. wasn’t withdrawn by August 31, the White House rushed efforts and claimed they made their deadline. But while the war of terrorism might have ended, sources say there are still over 1,000 Americans stranded behind Taliban lines. 


Appearing on the Fox News Channel, former military officer Jean Marie Thrower said there are still around 1,000 Americans in Afghanistan that are in need of being rescued. Although the Biden Administration has announced the war is over, Thrower says there is still much to be done. 

Having a chance to speak with Thrower, host Trace Gallagher said, “ The State Department says roughly 100 are still trying to leave the country. My next guest disputes that figure, saying the number is closer to a 1,000. With us is Jean Marie Thrower with Plan B Afghan Rescue Crew. You and your organization are doing exceptional work. Tell us why you believe there are a lot more, maybe 1,000 Americans trapped in Afghanistan.”

With the state department only claiming around 100 Americans are still in Afghanistan, Thrower couldn’t help but lash back, saying, “Definitely there are more than the 100 being stated. We have multiple groups of teams working together and we continue to work with these rosters to know where they are at. I want to say as a veteran that I am appalled by our administration in how they disrespected Americans and our allies, as well as put our soldiers’ future operations globally in jeopardy.”


As of the current developments in Afghanistan, President Biden has passed off any future responsibilities to his Secretary of State.