We previously reported that Dr. Anthony Fauci and his fellow health officials are now trying to force children as young as 5 to get vaccinated against COVID-19. During Stew Peters’ show on Wednesday, a renowned biotech analyst who previously worked for Pfizer issued a chilling warning about why vaccinating children is a very bad idea.

Karen Kingston is a pharmaceutical and medical device analyst who knows exactly how the FDA goes about doing things. She was disturbed to see the process that the FDA used for the supposedly newly-approved Pfizer vaccine.


Kinston explained to Peters that while any American can read the FDA’s approval letter and supplemental materials online, a lot of the letter has been redacted by the FDA, meaning that we actually can’t read everything in it. One of the things that the public can’t read right now is the mRNA ingredients of the vaccine, and Kingston claims that these ingredients have actually changed multiple times.

Making this even more sketchy is the fact that the version of the vaccine that is meant to be in production from now on, known as the “Comirnaty,” doesn’t have all of its production facilities known to the public. Two of the seven have been redacted from public view, raising alarm bells in Kingston’s mind.

“What this means is that when you go in to get a Pfizer BioNTech vaccine, unless you tell the healthcare provider to check the lot number, and then to check the ingredients of that lot number against the labeling, which also still isn’t fully disclosed, you really don’t know what you’re being injected with,” Kingston said.


In fact, Kingston believes that the COVID-19 vaccines only leave people more likely to get the virus.

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“Stop getting injected, don’t go back,” Kingston said. “If you’ve been vaccinated, do not get a booster. Do not allow them to inject your children. Go to every state and county board and stop this right away. The injections cause the disease. The injections cause autoimmune diseases that are going to be unseen. The injections weaken your immune system.”

In the end, Kingston believes that this was all planned all along.

“These are intended consequences,” she said. “They knew that the vaccines would cause a disease they knew of shedding. Parents are unintentionally infecting their children right now. And if children are injected, I don’t see how they can survive, honestly.”

“I mean, and this is it, the autoimmune diseases that are going to be coming on as a plague on this country is something that healthcare providers have never seen before,” Kingston continued. “And they are going to misdiagnose what they think of as congestive heart failure in myocarditis, and it could be a rare form of Pompei disease when their body’s actually attacking your own your own heart muscle cells and muscle cells in your throughout your body.”


“So there’s a lot of things that are going to happen, and the doctors need to wake up, get off their thrones and listen to scientists like Dr. Judy Mikovich and other scientists who study the causes of diseases and come up with treatments,” she concluded. “Because what we’re about to see we have never seen before.”

This is the kind of chilling warning that every American needs to see. Find out more about what Kingston has to say in her full interview with Peters.