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Gab CEO Andrew Torba Discusses The ‘Silent Secession’ He’s Leading – We’re The Majority

Andrew Torba, the CEO of Gab, went on Stew Peters’ show [1] on Thursday to talk about the “silent secession” that he is leading with his social media site.

With all the censorship against conservatives on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, more users than ever are turning to Gab, where they are free to express their views and have complete freedom of speech without having to worry about being penalized for doing so. That’s why Torba feels that Gab will be a “big player” in the next election cycle.


“And not many people really understand that yet,” he explained. “Not many people understand that, you know, we have 20 million-plus people that are using our site every single month and getting news and getting information that they cannot get anywhere else. Because big tech is blocking that information, whether it has to do with the vaccines, whether it has to do with the lockdowns, whether it has to do with election integrity, you know, all of these topics have become taboo.”

“And by the way, it’s not just people on the right anymore, right?” he continued. “There’s people that are, you know, liberals or centrist, or maybe not even really political, per se, but they’re trying to have conversations about these vaccines and about these mandates and stuff, and they’re being censored.”

Peters pointed out that because of the big tech’s censorship on other social media sites, what’s happening with Gab is really “a whole society walling off,” and Torba agreed.

“I mean, it’s it’s a silent succession is what I call it,” Torba stated. “And it’s, it’s a parallel society, is really what we’re building here that’s started out of ‘let’s build an alternative social network.’ And quickly, our mission and our vision has become let’s build a parallel society.”


“So we’re building a parallel economy, a parallel internet, a parallel society, where we have like-minded people who share the same values of, you know, freedom, family, God, guns, you know, all the stuff that we love and hold dear in America and have held here for hundreds of years that is now being eroded away, we’re going to preserve these things digitally, and also in the real world, by building, you know, a parallel society, a parallel internet, a parallel economy, where we’re going next is, you know, we have gab ads.”

Torba has big plans to make this “parallel society” even more prominent in the future.

“So we have the basic infrastructure for communication, right?” he said. “Like, we have Gab social, which is, you know, the Twitter alternative, we have gab TV, which is the YouTube alternative. And now where we’re going next is the economic and the financial parallel system.”

“So we’re building out the infrastructure for that right now,” Torba added. “And that’s with you know, gap pay, which is going to be our PayPal alternative gab ads, which is how business owners are going to connect with different people who share their values on gab, and then the gab marketplace, which is how people are going to be able to buy and sell and engage in commerce on gab using gap pay using cab ads, it all kind of works together.”

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“So that’s the division and the ecosystem that we’re building out over the next couple of months and into the next, you know, couple of years,” he concluded.

This censorship from big tech and the left has gone way too far, and with Gab, it’s completely blowing up in their faces. We can’t wait to see how much bigger and better Gab gets in the years to come, and you can find out more about what Torba had to say by watching Peters’ show here [1].