Former National Security Advisor to President Donald Trump and retired Army Lt. General Michael Flynn reemerged on Tuesday to endorse MAGA Navy SEAL & former Missouri Governor Eric Greitens for the U.S. Senate in Missouri.

He also slammed Eric Schmitt, who is running against Greitens, for his longtime ties to the Chinese Communist Party.


“It’s clear that now more than ever, America needs fighters. Worse than the radical leftists, the corrupt Deep State, the mainstream media, and Big Tech are the feckless and spineless Republicans who have utterly surrendered,” Flynn said, according to The Gateway Pundit.”The people of Missouri recognize that those who betrayed President Trump the most were not the leftists but the cowardly Republicans in Name Only.”

“That’s why I’m endorsing Governor Eric Greitens for the United States Senate. We don’t need any more insiders or career politicians in Washington, especially not those with ties to the Chinese Communist Party,” he added. “Eric has been a fighter his entire life—as a boxer, a Navy SEAL, as one of the most conservative Governors in the country, and as a leader in the fight to get to the bottom of the 2020 election. I’m proud to stand with him in our shared mission to revive our Republic.”

Greitens responded by saying that he welcomes Flynn’s support.

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“I am so honored to have Gen. Flynn’s endorsement,” Greitens told Fox News. “He is a patriot. He is one of President Trump’s strongest supporters, and because of his leadership, because of his strength, because of his courage, he was attacked by the deep state, and now patriots around the country are rallying to Gen. Flynn’s side.”

“The people of Missouri are behind me, and the people of Missouri are behind President Trump because they recognize that those policies work for the people of Missouri,” he added.

Greitens announced his candidacy back in March, much to the dismay of liberals everywhere.

“I think that now the people of Missouri need a fighter in the United States Senate,” Greitens said at the time. “They need somebody who’s going to go as I will, as I’m committed to do, to defending President Trump’s America First policies and also to protecting the people of Missouri from Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, and Chuck Schumer’s radical leftist agenda. So we’re excited. We got a great grassroots team, and we’re in this race.”


Greitens is exactly the type of Republican that we need in the Senate right now. Here’s hoping that he comes out victorious in this race!

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