Here’s a small mercy: The war in Afghanistan is over. The war was a mess, the withdrawal was a catastrophe, the Taliban took billions of dollars of our equipment, but forget all that for now. The war is over. The last U.S. troops are out. Our country can finally start to recover. But to do that, we have to maintain the peace.

Already, Fox News is pushing the “back to war” narrative. Just the other day, they brought on George W. Bush’s old chief of staff Andy Card to say we’re “getting out of Afghanistan too quickly.” Here’s some other headlines, all from Fox’s website on Tuesday afternoon. “Biden sees Dem support dwindle over withdrawal.” “Taliban celebrate enjoyable moment of victor.” “Horrifying audio released, reports of Taliban executions hours after US leaves.” “Aircraft atrocity: Taliban sit in cockpit of American-made plane given to the Afghan Air Force.”

And now they’re running headlines about an “unknown” number of Americans “stranded” behind enemy lines in the country.

“Unknown.” Very choice words there. We don’t know who they are or where they are, exactly. Given the Taliban let us evacuate as many people as we wanted from the Kabul airport, it seems plausible that they’d just fly these people out too, if we asked. But apparently, we’re supposed to re-launch the entire war to get them out. Sebastian Gorka is making viral videos on Twitter about Americans being “betrayed” and “abandoned” in the country. They’re saying things like IF Trump were still in there we’d be destroying an Afghan village every day until we get them out,” blah blah blah.

You have to understand what they’re doing here. Americans are kind people. We care about one another. But here, America’s warmonger class is trying to manipulate you. They’re trying to pull on your heartstrings so that you’ll agree to re-start a war that was a complete waste, a total calamity, for twenty straight years. And if they find a way to get us back in, more Americans will die, and they will never let us get out again. They talk about Americans being “betrayed” and “abandoned,” but it’s middle America that has been betrayed and abandoned by Washington every day for the last twenty years so that they can go around the world playing. Don’t fall for this reverse psychology. Don’t let them extend a war where progressive think-tankers collect all the money and conservative Americans do all the dying.  Don’t let them win by making America continue to lose.

Joe Kent knows a lot about the loss of life in war, he’s the gold star husband of Shannon Kent who was killed in an ISIS attack in Syria, he’s a retired green beret himself – he’s running for Congress to represent Washington State and he joined Stew today.

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