As you’ve heard many a wise man say, follow the money.

Ivermectin is a very cheap drug that has been in use for decades.


It even won the Nobel Prize a few years ago.


Meeting Participant: Question. Is it true that Pfizer is now trialing an oral drug whose action against SARS COV 2  is essentially the same as Ivermectin? And if so, why would they do that? If they say, Ivermectin doesn’t work?

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Dr. Pierre Kory: Well, let’s just be clear on that. So everything that (Dr. Rand) Paul was saying about these anomalous and bizarre behaviors of the alphabet agencies, if you believe in the concept of regulatory capture, meaning our regulatory and healthcare agencies are captured by those with financial interests. If you believe in that concept and believe it exists in a country like the United States, well, then it would follow that if Merck has a pipeline drug, which might work as an early treatment oral antiviral pill, it would follow that Ivermectin is viewed as a competitor and must be squashed. And it would completely explain the behaviors you’re seeing. The Armageddon that was unleashed this past week, in every form of media, from nighttime talk show hosts to every newspaper, to CNN to television, screaming about how this is a horse drug, and that people are, you know, dying from taking animal forms, you will understand why that was unleashed. They need to get rid of Ivermectin. I’m sorry, that’s my answer, and I’m going to stand by that. It’s not only Merck with Molnupiravir. I think it’s either; it’s Pfizer who has another oral. So it’s just it is what it is. I’m just; I’m not making this stuff up. This is taught in like college classes. The concept of regulatory capture is not me making this up. In fact, I’m not even an expert at it. Well, actually, now I am.

Meeting Participant: Well, it’s also the question of protecting your market.

Dr. Pierre Kory: That’s it.

Meeting Participant: Yeah, well, anyway, let’s go to Dr. John Cole’s question. He says I’ve heard that some doctors are saying all people will get COVID eventually. What do you think about this and the role of Ivermectin as prophylactic to counter this?

Dr. Pierre Kory: What I like, there’s two things. So I think you could protect yourself chronically, until such a time that the incidence or like mass protection, so if everybody used it at a good dose, based on the trials, you’re going to have excellent protection, you’re not going to have the failing efficacy of the vaccines. That’s one approach is mass distribution everywhere you get the incidence so low, that maybe it can be controlled, you don’t need. The other option, and Fabio, you know, this comes out of your own experiences and now mine. Which is two diseases, the one you get when you’re on Ivermectin and the one you don’t. The one you get when you’re already prophylactic and so a breakthrough on Ivermectin is generally mild and almost uniformly avoids the hospital, right? And so, one option would be to get the mild form. I’m not; I don’t want to encourage anyone to get COVID. But, you know, some people who have had mild disease like me, I’m really happy right now. I have profound, very high natural immunity, and I’m sitting pretty, right? And I think a lot of people are like that. So that’s my answer to that one.

Meeting Participant: My approach is, I don’t want to get COVID. I’m never going to get COVID. Touch Wood. And I’m going to do everything in my power not to get COVID. So I think you can take matters in your own hand, and you can protect yourself, and you can prevent yourself from getting COVID. It’s simple.


That ‘regulatory capture’ part sure makes a lot of sense of what’s been going on, doesn’t it?.


Who benefits the most if a cheap and readily available drug is discredited?


Read this entire thread from Drew Holden if you want to see how the bought and paid for media is protected by Big Tech…

… connect the dots… follow the money…

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