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Ivermectin Narrative Destroyed As Alex Jones Takes It Live On Air, Spits Fire At ‘Murdering Maggot’ Fauci

The compromised mainstream media is trying push a narrative that Ivermectin is a horse medicine that has no human medicinal value in treating COVID-19.

We believe they do this so they can help inject experimental drugs into more arms of the ignorant masses instead of using cheap and proven medicines that many censored doctors are saying works.


Why would they censor cheap solutions that work?

Could it be in the name of profit for Big Pharma?

Follow he money. Who is making money off of experimental vaccines that are now requiring multiple shots and possibly even an additional 2 pills a day [2]?


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“Oh, what’s what’s all this? What’s going on here? Let’s just open it up for you. Didn’t get this at a Tractor Supply. Cuz I’ve been like Santa Claus taking care of everybody? Hours a day for months. Taking care of people… You know what this is? This is Ivermectin for humans. It won a Nobel Prize as an antiviral, and this is inhalable, or these are the tablets steroids. So let me show you. I was gonna do this anyways, earlier. See this? See this Fauci ? You see this Bill Gates? I’m gonna kill those prions you bastard murderers. Got hit with a bio weapon you monster. You want to suppress me? You want to kill me? You son of a bitch you God damn demon. You think I’m easy to kill? Think I’m gonna roll over to your crap? No, and Joe Rogan kicked your murdering ass too. You’d love to bury him to you little monster maggot. He’s in this National Geographic piece about oh, I don’t usually deal with my enemies right away, I get them later. Yeah, you creep up on them with a poison injection dressed up in a lab coat you little Josef Mengele Nuremberg Code violating monster. You damn monster. See how our little cancer proteins like that.

Nobel Prize winning for humans. Nobel Prize winning for humans. Nobel Prize winning for humans. Nobel Prize winning for humans. Nobel Prize winning for humans. What 2005 Nobel Prize winning for humans.

Oh Joe Rogan? Joe Rogan? Take the horse paste, he is stupid. I’m gonna go on some Alex Jones. They’re both so dumb. They’re both gonna be dead. Yeah, that’s why just worth like $300,000,000. Yeah, he’s real stupid. That’s why he lives in a $60 million house on the river. You leftists taking all the shots and dying are dumb asses. He’s the one that headlines with Dave Chappelle, not you, you’re stupid. And I sure wish you’d wake up. But you sit there calling me stupid, independent media person that built the biggest independent media operation in the world that changed the whole paradigm with my badass listeners. And you sit around and laugh at us? Medical doctors gave that to me. It is incredible. It helped my family. It helped me. It helped everybody and it’s approved for humans for all sorts of viral stuff. But that murderer Fauci doesn’t want you to know because he wants the planet for himself and he wants you dead. Well guess what Fauci? We ain’t rolling over and dying so easily you little murdering maggot.” – Alex Jones

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Just compare these two stories. Joe Rogan Freaks Out The Covid Cult After Getting Over The Kung Flu With Ivermectin and More… [8]and Joe Rogan Tests Negative For Coronavirus Two Days After Revealing He Had It [9] versus Watch: Vaccinated Boxer Oscar De La Hoya Posts Video From Hospital Bed Where COVID is “Kicking His A**” [10]

Is it just me, or does it seem that the ‘experts’ don’t exactly have the people’s best interest in mind?
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