Kayleigh McEnany has never been one to hold back, but she really let Tony Fauci have it this time.

Fauci has been all over the place with his advice on dealing with the so-called COVID pandemic. It is a credit to the effectiveness of the Big Media and Big Tech propaganda and censorship machines that there’s anyone who still listens to anything he has to say.


Check out what McEnany had to say in this short video clip where she appeared on Sean Hannity’s show recently:


Sean Hannity: Let’s start with you. Is he a TV Hollywood star?

Should Dr. Fauci Be Criminally Investigated?

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Kayleigh McEnany: Yeah, in his mind, he is. Look, he is portrayed as a movie star who can artfully navigate Washington. Sean, I know this guy. I crossed paths with him at the hallway. You know, he was in my office. This is not a movie star who can artfully navigate Washington. This is a person who is a con artist who can swim in the Washington swamp with the worst and most vicious of creatures. He’s like general Milley. He’ll smile at you in the hallway. He’ll give you a wave. He’ll have that congenial chat, but behind the scenes, he will undermine the commander in chief, and then he’ll step to the White House podium and undermine the commander in chief in front of the world for the world to see because it behooves him and increases his hits on CNN, MSNBC. Even Facebook, this man never met a camera he did not like. Dr. Fauci, not a movie star, though in his head, it may seem so.

Sean Hannity: And Clay, first it’s masks don’t work, no masks then it’s one mask then it’s two masks then it’s vax or mask. Now it’s vax and mask.


Kayleigh isn’t wrong, and at least most people realize Fauci is full of it.

Just look at some of these comments in response to this clip…

“Fauci lied, many died”

“Fauci is a snake oil salesman. His lies know no bounds!”

“Fauci and Gates have facilitated the greatest human rights atrocities in history !!! Democrats and their propaganda criminals media are frauds and corruption.”

“Fauci is a worthless POS, liar, and one of the DC swamp creatures. He belongs in jail, not in the news with his bullshit.”

“Fauci, Sick evil, wicked, vile hypocrite of a human being.”

“Remember folks, Fauxci is the one who tried to convince people that AIDS spreads through close contact. Eight other doctors use the words “idiot” and “moron” to describe him.”

“Fauci lied to Congress multiple times he is evil and must be prosecuted. I’m sick and tired of these Democrats not being held accountable, and the whole world knows they robbed the American people of our true president. Our Congress is a swamp, and the DEMOCRATS are evil, evil people set on destroying our country. They must all be stopped. We are paying them to make laws on us, but they don’t have to abide by them. Tell me, someone, what do you call that.”

“Fauci is corrupt and a liar.”

“Fauci is almost as confused as the idiot in the WH. Disgraceful old POS! PUT HIM IN JAIL for crimes against humanity!!!”

“Fraudci is evil, not just a fraud and a liar…he is pure evil.”