Six Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) officers are fighting back against the city’s vaccine mandate that requires all city employees to get the COVID-19 vaccine by October, as they have filed a lawsuit against the city of Los Angeles.

The Los Angeles Times reported that the officers filed the lawsuit on Saturday, claiming that the mandate violates the employees’ constitutional rights to privacy and due process. In their lawsuit, they called on the court to provide immediate and permanent relief from the requirement.


The six LAPD employees filed the suit individuals “who could not assert a medical or religious exemption” to the vaccine requirement. It also includes individuals who have “experienced and recovered from COVID-19″ and have natural antibodies to fight the virus, the complaint states.

The lawsuit went on to claim that the six officers “can safely perform their job duties protecting themselves, fellow employees, and the community they serve through non-pharmaceutical interventions such as daily health screenings, wearing masks, and quarantine.”

“The city does not and cannot point to any evidence that vaccinated individuals have longer-lasting or more complete immunity than those who have recovered from COVID,” the lawsuit states, according to The Los Angeles Daily News.

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The lawsuit specifically takes issue with the city’s claim that unvaccinated employees are at a greater risk of contracting and spreading COVID-19 within the workplace and risk transmitting the virus “to the public that depends on city services.”


The officers fired back in their suit by saying that “the city does not provide any evidence to support this premise, despite mounting data suggesting fully vaccinated individuals contract and transmit the COVID-19 Delta variant just like non-vaccinated individuals.”

The LAPD officers who filed this lawsuit identified Jason Burcham, Rodge Cayette, Michelle Lemons, Michael Puno, Susana Reynoso, and Ana Fuentes.

“Studies indicate that these plaintiffs’ natural antibodies and immunity are greater than their vaccinated peers,” the plaintiffs claimed.

ABC7 reported that the Los Angeles city council approved the vaccine mandate for city workers last month.

“When we originally moved to require city employees to be vaccinated, we were one of the first cities in the country to do so. Now multiple states, including California and other large cities across the country, have all began to require their public servants be vaccinated,” Council President Nury Martinez said at the time. “This is not radical; this is just common sense.”


“How can we ask Angelenos to be vaccinated if we are not doing it ourselves? We need to set a strong example for our communities. The vaccines are available; they’re effective, and they’re keeping people out of the hospital and off ventilators,” Martinez added.

Individuals should have the freedom to decide whether or not they get vaccinated without fear of losing their jobs. We applaud these officers for fighting back against this vaccine mandate, and we hope that their lawsuit is successful.

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