Lara Trump, the daughter-in-law of former President Donald Trump, spoke out on Saturday to call out former First Lady Michelle Obama and Vice President Kamala Harris for staying silent on the plight of Afghan women.

“You haven’t heard anything from Michelle Obama. And you haven’t heard from our Vice President Kamala Harris,” Trump said, according to Newsweek. “The woke Democrat women are among the most hypocritical individuals to walk the face of the Earth.”


Trump went on to say that Obama and Harris only speak out when it is in their best political interest while also talking about how the lives of girls and women in Afghanistan will be different under the Taliban.

“It’s silence from them and it is noted,” Trump said.

Not stopping there, Trump discussed the circumstances that Afghan women and girls will encounter under the insurgents’ rule, saying that girls as young as nine years old are “subjected to marriage at that age and raped and tortured [and] killed in the streets if they don’t follow the rule of the Taliban.”

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“They [Obama and Harris] are happy to be activists when it’s politically advantageous. And the second they have nothing to gain, they don’t care,” Trump said. “These women in Afghanistan will never see another day like they did before the United States left. Their lives will be different forever.”

This comes a month after Trump blasted Harris for the way she has handled the situation in Afghanistan as well as other instances including the southern border crisis.


“She wants nothing to do with this [Afghanistan] situation because she knows as we all do this is a stain on America, it will stay forever and I guess she’s just trying to run out the clock on this thing, and think we’ll all forget about it,” Trump said at the time. “We will not forget about it, Kamala Harris. We have seen what you have done in this situation and it’s absolutely nothing.”

Last month, Trump gave her thoughts on a New York Post op-ed that stated that some Democrats do not want Vice President Kamala Harris to run for president in 2024.

Well, I think they’ve been basically coaxing her in that direction. I mean, it’s going to be an uphill battle though,” Trump said on “Fox & Friends.”

“The interesting thing is if you remember, back during the primaries, Kamala Harris was so unpopular within the Democrat Party, she had to drop out before the primaries in her home state of California,” she continued. “She dropped out before Marianne Williamson even did and she has failed spectacularly at the two jobs that she has been given since becoming Vice President of the United States.”

“Getting the vaccines out across the country and encouraging people who are hesitant about the vaccines to get them, I think everybody that has had the ability to get the vaccines now have gotten it and I don’t think you’re going to convince anybody with Kamala Harris to get them anymore, and then we know the southern border, the one-time she went down to the southern border, she went to the wrong area, the area that did not have the massive issues at the Rio Grande Valley does,” Trump said.


The former president will undoubtedly be very proud when he sees his daughter-in-law’s comments on Obama and Harris. Both of those liberal women are complete hypocrites, and they deserve to be called out.

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