California Governor Gavin Newsom (D) took a major hit on Thursday as the recall effort against him continues when former California Senate Majority Leader Gloria Romero endorsed his Republican opponent Larry Elder.

Romero told Fox News host Tucker Carlson that Elder is the “best option” to replace Newsom in order to eradicate Newsom’s hypocritical and pompous behavior.


“I was just tired of the false narrative that was put forward that this was a right-wing conspiracy,” she said. “There are 1.7 million Californians that signed that recall petition – I was one of them.”

“I was tired of the ‘rules for thee but not for me’ attitude of the prince of the French laundry, who shut down our public schools but then he sent his kids to school,” Romero continued.

Romero was referring to the fact that late last year, Newsom was caught breaking his own COVID-19 restrictions when he was caught dining with a group of over ten people maskless at a fancy restaurant called The French Laundry. The incident exposed Newsom as the hypocrite that he is to the entire world.

“I looked at Larry’s record and believe that he’s our best option to really break the monopoly of special interest when it comes to education and to offer, especially Latino and African American families in California school choice options,” Romero said.

Not stopping there, Romero went on to say that Newsom’s recall has not only been widespread but also bipartisan across the political board. Of the many crises that the state of California is facing, Romero said that the deterioration of school quality is “very upsetting.” She added that a staggering 70% of Latino and 80% of Black children are not meeting proficiency levels in math.

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Romero said that this is why many minorities support the recall of Newsom in the hopes of making California’s schools better.

“But because of the way in which the schools are run, even when the state identifies a school as chronically underperforming, kids can’t get out. You’re zip-coded there,” she explained. “The powerful monopoly of the California Teachers Association, which is a major endorser of the Democratic Party and of course Gavin, it blocks any type of reform.”


This comes after Newsom said that President Joe Biden will be coming to California to campaign for him.

“I’m humbled by the fact the president will be out here soon,” Newsom said on Thursday, according to Politico.

Last month, Biden praised Newsom as “a key partner in fighting the pandemic and delivering economic relief to working families” and urged voters to reject the recall. It remains to be seen whether this recall will be successful.

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